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TwoNav now works on iPad too

We’ve been following TwoNav on Navigadget for a while now and now we’d like to introduce their app for the iPad. Actually it is a universal application that now works on the iPad like it did on the iPhone. What they’ve done is that the applications have the property to adapt to the platform you are using in that moment, adjusting well the size to the device’s screen in use. So you get a total of two licenses; one iPhone and one iPad per license.

Some of the features of the TwoNav software include ability to record tracks, overlay road maps with topographic maps, door to door navigation (costs extra), precise altitude reading with geoide correction, and more.

Here is current pricing:

  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Basic 49.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Iberia 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Italy 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad France 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad DACH 89.99 €

Check it out here.

TwoNav Sportiva GPS from CompeGPS

We’ve talked about TwoNav here before; the GPS people who like green color. Well they just announced a brand new handheld GPS device called TwoNav Sportiva. The device is co-manufactured with Holux, another name that has been in the GPS market for a while now.

Anyhow the device only measures 58x105x23mm, weighs 124 grams, fits IPX6 standards, has a 3D compass and a barometer, has a 3″ transflective touchscreen, 2GB internal memory, and a microSD card reader up to 32GB. GPS reception is by SiRF III, and the battery has 1050mAh capacity which should last up to hours.

Hey, maybe we should’ve talk about what the device is for before all those specs… TwoNav Sportiva is pretty much good for any kind of outdoor activity whether it is to keep track of where you are or your performance. Hiking, biking, geocaching or all valid options thanks to the capable software loaded on Sportiva.

You can bring your own maps with you in different formats, from topographic maps, satellite pictures, raster maps and urban maps to paper scanned maps (because some maps just don’t exist in digital format). You can convert them using CompeGPS Land free basic version and transfer them to your GPS. You can also get your free maps from TwoNav which cover Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, Morocco, Sweden, Australia, Tunisia, and the USA.

TwoNav Sportiva will be released in about two weeks on March 1st and will cost 379 €.

TwoNav app for iPhone

The TwoNav name we talked about back in May last year just recently released a new iPhone app for both outdoor and on-road navigation. Features of the $65 app include unlimited free online maps from Spain and Italy, USGS dataset, US Forest Service, and DRCan, OpenStreetMap, ability to load your own maps from .map, .jpg etc files, ability to access topographic maps offline which can be downloaded by tile from

TwoNav for iPhone also lets you track your performance even for altitude using geoid correction for better accuracy, provides more than 60 on-screen tips, 3D views, and of course the ability to buy road maps and use your app as a GPS navigation application. In which case you’d get turn-by-turn voice guidance, speed limit and camera alerts, and more…

TwoNav Aventura

TwoNav Aventura is a new handheld GPS navigation device that is quite different than most other handhelds out there. It can accept any kind of maps, provided you are capable of creating vector maps and raster imagery. You can even scan your own according to gpstracklog and calibrate it to use on TwoNav Aventura.

Another feature of TwoNav Aventura (perhaps where the “two” is coming from) is that it can also act as a GPS navigation system for your vehicle, giving you door to directions.

Apparently it is being released in Europe this June for 650 Euros and they’re still looking for distributors in the U.S.

Here are some specs:

  • Li-Ion battery
  • Battery slot can be replace with 3AA battery slot
  • Up to 20 hours battery life
  • electronic compass
  • barometric altimeter
  • rainproof
  • SiRFStar III GPS chip

Medion’s new off-road GPS navigation systems

After their exclusive agreement with the National Geographic Institute (IGN) to use the “IGN Evadeo” trademark, German brand Medion introduced its first GPS Evadeo intended for off-roading as well as for use on motorcycles.

Medion has introduced 3 new GPS navigation systems: the Evadeo M3220, M3320 and M3320a Premium. They all have a 3.5″ touch screen with 240×320 pixels resolution (QVGA).

The new Medion Evadeo GPS navigation systems are IPX7 standard meaning they can be submerged up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes - not that you are going to test this….

They all have a 1800mAh battery, 2GB of internal memory and a MicroSD card slot. There’s also bluetooth but it’s not for taking calls on your phone, it is only for a headset for the voice guidance.

The M3320 and Premium M3320a also incorporate an accelerometer, a compass, an altimeter and a barometer. Unlike previous Evadeo series which had a program used for both car navigation and off road navigation, Medion now has chosen a different approach. For car navigation, it will be the GoPal software. For off-road navigation, Medion software retains the excellent road TwoNav Editor CompeGPS. This software was already present in previous Evadeo and is also found in the GPS off-road TwoNav Adventura.

The M3220 comes with the road map of France, while the M3320 and M3320a Premium come with the road map of 23 countries in Europe; all supplied by Navteq.

Terrain maps are of course provided by IGN. All of the three new GPS navigation systems come with GPS mapping at 1/100,000th of the whole of metropolitan France, integrating GR (Trails) and the contour. It can therefore be used free of charge in any field.

These GPS Medion Evadeo M3220, M3320 and M3320a Premium should be available from mid-May at no extra charge of 279 €, 329 € and 349 €… Read More …