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garmin nuvi 1690 now in Canada

We’ve been talking about nuvi 1690 for a while now so it’s worth mentioning that Garmin made this GPS navigation system available in Canada.

Of course the biggest feature of nuvi 1690 is its internet connectivity - known as Garmin nuLink! - that offers Google local search, traffic, weather, movie updates, flight status, and more. Garmin is going with Rogers Communications for its connectivity.

Some other features of nuvi 1690 include maps of North America, bluetooth wireless, ecoRoute feature that supposedly selects fuel saving routes, lane assistance, and more.

nuvi 1690 will cost 430 CAD and you’ll get one year free nuLink! service. After that you can subscribe for 65 CAD for additional years, and if you plan to cross the border into U.S. you should pay for the 10 CAD/month roaming fee.

garmin nuvi 1690 shipping from Amazon

Two way connected GPS navigation system garmin nuvi 1690 is now shipping from Amazon. As expected it is going to cost $500. Yeah, that’s a lot. But at least no service charge for two years.

Do you think nuvi 1690 is worth $500?

nuvi 1690 connectivity from AT&T

Remember the nuvi 1690 we’ve been talking about? It is a connected GPS navigation system from Garmin. “Connected?” you may ask…. In the case for nuvi 1690 connected means you’ll be able to get real time traffic updates, fuel pricing, movie times, flight status updates, and local search from Google.

Well AT&T just announced that they will be Garmin’s connection partner for the nuvi 1690. However AT&T must think all this data won’t take much bandwidth so the device will only be running on the EDGE frequency. The service is called nuLink and will be offered for free for the first two years. After that you’re expected to pay $5/month.

Garmin nuvi 1690 will go for $500 once it comes out.

nuvi 1690 already on Amazon

The nuvi 1690 we first mentioned couple of weeks ago, and later again with more details was just made official with a press release and has already hit Amazon ($500).

nuvi 1690 is a GPS navigation system from Garmin that includes a wireless module that lets you use the new nüLink! service. nuLink service can connect to Google local search, traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, flight status, and white page telephone listings. There’s also “Ciao!”, Garmin’s location-based social networking system. (Who thinks Ciao is going to take off?)

There’s of course a service charge for all the connectivity (EDGE only) - but thank god it is free for the first two years - and more than likely you’ll be ditching your device anyways :)

Some specs of nuvi 1690 include 4.3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display, bluetooth, and the 4 hours worth of Li-Ion battery.

As far as software features you’ve got the ecoRoute, text-to-speech, Pedestrian Navigation, maps for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and Multi-Point Routing.

garmin nuvi 1690 details

Just yesterday we talked about the new Garmin Nuvi 1690 - and today even more details emerge.

It turns out the new nuvi 1690 will cost $500 when it comes out in September and this price will include 2 years of connected services.

To recap - nuvi 1690 is a new GPS navigation system from Garmin that offers:

  • 4.3″ WVGA touch screen
  • EDGE data connectivity
  • maps of North America
  • bluetooth for hands free calls

The connected services include traffic updates, weather, movie times, flight status, fuel prices, and Google local search… Read More …

garmin nuvi 1690

We now have more details about the Garmin nuvi 1690 we uncovered a couple of weeks ago, including a more decent picture.

It looks like the new nuvi 1690 will have its own cellular module inside, and come with a car mount that charges as well. They call their connected services “nuinfo” which will offer weather, fuel prices, flight times, and the ability to make Google Local searches.

Other than the connected to services, nuvi 1690 sounds like all the other nuvi’s. Bluetooth, lane assist, detailed intersection views, and text to speech.

Still wondering if Garmin will attempt to charge some sort of subscription fee for their nuinfo service.

What do you think?… Read More …

new Garmin Nuvi 1690 - connected?

We really wish we could show you a better picture of the new Garmin Nuvi 1690 that we came across while scrolling through FCC’s website. But this is going to have to do until Garmin makes this new GPS navigation system official.

Here is what we know so far. There’s currently no nuvi 1600 series. So we expect the new nuvi 1690 may have a new set of features different from the rest. However all the cryptic FCC docs do not reveal much. We can tell it will feature a bluetooth receiver - which is really not a big deal - and will come with a 1000mAh battery. Diving deeper into these docs revealed a few more important details though. The description of nuvi 1690 is “connected personal navigation device” and it clearly includes an EDGE/GPRS module:

GPRS/EDGE Radio Information

This device employs infrequent short duration data communications over GPRS and EDGE using Multislot Class 10 (2/8 timeslots), and does not support GSM voice.


garmin nuvi 1860

In addition to the new nuvi 1820 we just talked about Garmin also is getting ready to release the brand new Garmin Nuvi 1860.

Different from 1820, Garmin nuvi 1860 will add a 3MP digital camera which can also geotag your images. Other features of nuvi 1860 include the WiFi, bluetooth for hands free calls, a full internet browser, and everything you’d expect from a high-end GPS navigation system.

As the device is not officially announced yet we do not have any information on how much it will cost.

Read More …

2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara gets connected Garmins

Garmin just announced that they’ll be working with Suzuki to provide a connected and integrated GPS navigation package for 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4 models that include the SX4 Crossover, SX4 Sport and SX4 SportBack. Apparently this is the first of its kind in the US to offer online information like Google local search, traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, flight status, etc.

The navigation system will be based Garmin nuvi 1690 and we found this photo on Suzuki’s website so you know what it will look like when they say ‘integrated’. The press release says “unit sits in a fully-integrated mount, which provides power to the unit as well as turn-by-turn voice prompting through the vehicle’s sound system” which means it’s not fully integrated into the center console and can be taken on and off to be used in other vehicles. Other customizations include a Suzuki splash screen and a preloaded database of Suzuki dealerships.

All that wireless data will be free for the first year but after it costs $60/year which comes out to be $5/mo. Read More …

Garmin nuLink 1695 (pre-order on Amazon)

We’ve talked about the nuvi 1690 here on Navigadget a bunch of times. Now we’re happy to announce it is bigger brother nuLink 1695. Yep, it is no longer a ‘nuvi’, but a ‘nuLink’; putting more emphasis on its connected features. The connected services from Garmin (nuLink services)are many but we’ll let you decide if they’re actually handy, or just redundant considering you probably already have all of this on your smartphone.

When you get the new Garmin nuLink 1695 you’ll get 1 year of connected services for free, and then it is $5/month.

But back to the hardware of 1695 which is very similar to nuvi 1690 but a bit larger. nuLink 1695 features a bigger 5″ WQVGA TFT screen, and also different from 1690, it offers traffic trends which calculates routes based on predicted traffic flow and myTrends which predicts routes based on user’s navigation behavior.

Amazon already has nuLink 1695 available for pre-order; shipping on October 1st for $449. Read More …