Pioneer AVIC-VH9900

avic-vh9900Pioneer just recently announced Pioneer AVIC-VH9900, a renewed HDD-based in-dash GPS navigation system for the Japanese market. AVIC-VH9900 is a 1-DIN+1-DIN DSP-control AV navigation auto server with built-in 7″ wide VGA touch-screen monitor. The AVIC-H9900 is a 1-DIN navigation system (without a monitor). The former 2 models are also equipped with a built-in terrestrial digital TV tuner.

Also known as Cyber Navi car navigation system – the AVIC-VH9900 provides improved services that include Smart Loop traffic congestion information which covers 500m resolution on 700,000 km of Japanese highways, Photoremo@Navi technology, which allows the new navigation systems to interact with Photoremo@Navi-compatible mobile phones to automatically begin route searches based on the POI data transferred from compatible mobile phones, to check unread e-mail and missed calls in the mobile phones on the car navigation screen, and so on.

The Pioneer Cyber Navi car navigation systems AVIC-VH9900 will be available in late May, 2009 for suggested retail prices of 378,000 yen.

Kenwood HDV-909DT

HDV-909DT is the name of the all-in-one GPS navigation system from Kenwood. It is an in-dash system with a 7″ LCD screen with 480×234 resolution. In addition to providing door to door navigation it can handle a variety of multimedia formats including DivX, DVD, MP3 and JPG. It even lets you watch TV thanks to the digital 1Seg TV tuner and the picture in picture capability.

Some hardware specs include 40GB of HDD, USB 2.0 port, a 5.1 Audio System, AM/FM radio tuner, DVD player, and an iPod / iPhone interface.

The only problem is that it is only for the island of Japan :) Even then you’ll have to wait until next month and pay 200,000 Yen which is about $2000…

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Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT

Pioneer in UK just announced a new in-dash GPS navigation + entertainment system called Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT. The unit is specifically designed for VW, Skoda and Seat vehicles.

AVIC-F9110BT has a high-resolution 5.8-inch WVGA touch screen, 2GB internal memory that stores maps of 44 European countries by TeleAtlas, and also includes 1.7million Points-of-Interests (POIs). The device has text-to-speech feature; not only for street names but even for traffic events that it receives via the TMC receiver.

Some multimedia features include the ability to watch videos from DVDs, CDs, SD cards, USB devices, control your iPod or iPhone using a special cable, and support for various audio formats. It also does bluetooth so you can relay phone conversations to your car’s stereo.

Another neat feature is the ability to customize the POI database from Google Maps using the SD card and their NavGate Feeds application.

Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT will be available starting July in 18 different vehicles:

Caddy 07/2004
Eos 05/2006
Golf V plus 09/2003
Golf V 09/2003-2008
Golf VI 2008
Jetta 08/2005
Passat CC 03/2005
Passat 2008
Scirocca 2008
Tiguan 2007
Touran 03/2003
Polo 2009

Altea 05/2004
Altea XL 09/2005
Leon 12/2004

Fabia 2009
Octavia 2009
Superb 2008

six GPS navigation systems no longer with us

GPS navigation system market is very dynamic and fast moving. New features come out monthly, prices keep going down. Small brand names can’t just compete or the big ones (HP, Sony) just take a quick stab at the market and realize people just won’t give up their Garmin’s :)

Here are a few names that are either out of the GPS navigation market or about to be gone.

  • Magellan
  • magellan_maestro_3140
    Magellan was one of the big shots here in the U.S. but recently was bought by Mitac Mio. Even though Mio said they’d keep the brand going we think it is a matter of time until the Magellan name completely disappears.

  • HP
  • hp-ipaq-310
    HP had a decent looking device called iPAQ 310 for a while but it turns out they’ll be discontinuing their stand alone GPS navigation systems and a few others such as iPAQ 312, 314, 316, and 318.

  • Dash
  • dash_express_gps
    These were the guys to first come out with a decent two way connected system. We really loved it. But they didn’t last long. When they quit they promised they’d keep their awesome user collected traffic information platform alive.

  • Harman/Kardon
  • harman-kardon-810
    Harman did come out with a few models that really looked promising such as the GPS-810. But due to continued price cutting they’re out as well.

  • Sony
  • sony-nvu83t
    Sony never really got traction in the PND market. They officially quit the European market. Even though SonyStyle for U.S. still offers the NVU series the fact that they haven’t offered anything new makes us wonder…

  • Panasonic
  • panasonic-strada-gps
    Panasonic is also out but only for standalone GPS navigation systems like the Strada CN-GP50N, and CN-GP50U. They’re keeping their in-dash systems.

    UPDATE (May 6th):

  • Navigon
  • navigon-7300t
    We’re sorry to now add Navigon to this list. They really had some decent devices but the aggressive pricing was too aggressive for them. They’ll continue business in Europe.

2011 Chrysler Grand Cherokee factory installs Garmin GPS navigation system

Garmin announced today that they will providing in-dash navigation GPS navigation system for the 2011 Chrysler Grand Cherokee, which was just recently unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

The device – like we mentioned – will be installed at the factory and will work with the 6.5″ touchscreen, and Uconnect radio on the dash. The navigation system will include Navteq maps of North America 6 million POIs, and a few of the mid-level features such as lane assist, and text-to-speech.

Apple patents some sort of touch screen GPS navigation system

AppleInsider is reporting a new patent filed by Apple that describes an in-dash navigation device with many other features such as 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM and EDGE; and possibly the ability to communicate with many sensors including tire sensors, engine sensors, steering sensors, or GPS sensors.

We have no idea when such a device would be offered from Apple if at all, but it looks like the patent is more focused on keeping the driver from being distracted than anything else.

“The angle detection can provide the navigation device with the functionality to determine whether a driver or passenger is operating the navigation system,” Apple says. “As such, the combination of any or all of a seat sensor, seat belt sensor, angle detection, or other sensors can determine which user provided input to system.”

Pioneer AVIC-Z3

Pioneer AVIC-Z3 is a double DIN in-dash HDD based GPS navigation system. It is the most expensive from the manufacturer, with an MSRP of $1800 (however Amazon has Pioneer AVIC-Z3 for $1310). It has some impressive navigation features, so let’s go over those in more detail:

  • point addressing: many destinations are geocoded to a precise point instead of an address range.
  • 3D landmarks
  • high resolution display of traffic conditions
  • voice recognition of POIs without having to choose a category
  • text-to-speech
  • compatible with XM NAVTRAFFIC for live traffic updates

That’s all for navigation but that’s not what Pioneer AVIC-Z3 can do. The device is bluetooth capable so you can pair up a compatible phone. There’s a 30GB HDD, 10GB of which is dedicated to your tunes; and can be accessed with your voice. You can also bring your iPod in and control it using the 7″ touchscreen. Optical drive allows you to play DVDs, rip CDs, and play bunch of other media formats.

SiRF and Focus SYNC are in sync

You’ve probably already heard about Ford’s SYNC technology, an in-dash platform mostly for communication, and entertainment. However the system is flexible and allows for expansion by letting other platforms take advantage of the ‘architecture bus’ present on SYNC vehicles.

In fact Ford recently announced a couple of new features which allow their vehicles to get traffic information from INRIX and get driving directions from TeleNav using SiRF hardware.

SiRF is teamed up with M/A-COM Technology Solutions to bring this to reality and according to their press release:

M/A-COM Technology Solutions’ new GPS module integrates a highly accurate SiRF GPS receiver running the SiRFDRive2 GPS dead reckoning software, a specialized GPS antenna, a microprocessor controller and memory, as well as a CAN bus transceiver and connector and associated software to create a “location server” on the vehicle network that literally location-enables the entire vehicle.

What’s interesting about the new SiRF platform used on Ford’s is that is actually can communicate with others sensors in the vehicle such as speedometer, odometer, and heading to get a better sense of position when GPS signals are not reliable.

Motevo GPS navigation

Motevo was at CES 2009 this year and they had a few decent 2-DIN in-dash GPS navigation systems. One of them was Motevo X5. Motevo X5 has a 6.2″ motorized touch screen behind which you can find the optical drive. It does door-to-door GPS navigation in addition to other car entertainment features such as support for MP3 files, DVDs, CDs, and more. It even can talk to your iPod, accepts USB sticks and SD cards for media, and does bluetooth connectivity.

Alpine IVA-W505/P1

After IVA-W203, Alpine just announced its big brother IVA-W505 for the U.S. market. With an MSRP of $1400 and a 7″ touch screen you are right if you expect to see a lot of features from this device.

Looking at the specs it doesn’t look like the new Alpine IVA-W505/P1 will let us down though. Let’s have a brief look at the features of this 2DIN in-dash navigation+entertainment device:

First off you’ve got the removable navigation drive NVE-P1 which fits behind the screen – however it doesn’t have a screen of its own so you can’t just take to another vehicle. It comes preloaded with NAVTEQ maps including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. It does text-to-speech so you can always keep your eyes on the road trying to read the street name off of the screen.

Alpine IVA-W505/P1 also gives you full access/control to your iPod including cover art and album/artist information. You can get your entertainment not only from iPod but also bunch of other formats such as DVD, CD, MP3, AAC, WMA, DivX.. pretty much any media file you can get your hands on. It also has bluetooth connectivity for syncing with your compatible phone – and you can even set it to take calls automatically.