Indago GPS navigation and radar detector

Indago is one of the most popular brands in Europe for combining GPS navigation and radar detector. In addition to giving you door-to-door directions with its detailed maps, it can also alert for all the fixed speed safety cameras all over Europe. Emphasis on ‘fixed’ – since this deviced is not equipped with hardware to detect a patrol car with a speed detector.

Made by Snooper, Indago, comes with street level UK mapping pre-programmed on a 256MB SD card. You can search and plan a route to your destination by simply keying in street name, a town or city or even the postcode. Regular routes can be saved and can be reached in seconds. A file also records a history of your most recent trips so that you can return to them later easily.

Indago also features voice prompts for turn by turn instructions accompanied with a colourful, moving 3D map.

Here are the rest of features:

  • Anti-reflective full color 3.5″ LCD touch screen display
  • Route Preview – review calculated route before you start travelling
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Mapping provided by Navteq
  • Electronic Compass
  • Genuine Speed Camera detection using Snooper’s Enigma database
  • Smart Mute – Automatically mutes alert if you are below the speed limit
  • Logic Modes – Detects cameras only if they are considered a risk. (ignores cameras on the opposite side of the road)
  • Speed limits at point of alert
  • Detects & visually identifies ALL fixed cameras by type.
  • Voice Alerts confirm camera type and speed limit

It costs £400 and you can pick one up from here. If you are looking for something similar but cheaper check out Snooper Syrius we mentioned a few days ago.

Snooper Syrius GPS navigation w/ speed camera alerts

Snooper Syrius is a GPS navigation system loaded with an extensive database of speed cameras around the UK and Europe. The database is called the Enigma database and is claimes to incorporate camera locations across Europe, from Manchester to Monaco.

Syrius offers even more unique features by using Snooper´s camera location technology. Unlike other portable navigators, Syrius provides full, clear alerts, confirming the speed camera type, the speed limit at the point of the alert and counts down accurately to the hazard.

The alert system on the Snooper Syrius is also somewhat considerate and smart. If you are already under the speed limit while approaching a speed camera it will only warn visually, but if you are over, it will also warn with sound. If you are in a 30mph zone you’ll get this warning 200 meters before, and 500 meters if in a 70mph zone.

The Snooper Syrius has a 4 inch touch screen and a built-in rechargeable battery and it can provide you with turn by turn instructions to your destination with helpful voice prompts and a colourful, moving 3D map (with clouds!). Syrius uses maps provided by Navteq and measures 140 x 90 x 20 mm.

The price ranges between £280£390.

Road Angel Mobile + GPS + Nokia Symbian to avoid speeding tickets

road-angel-nokia-904.jpgRoad Angel Mobile is a British company that designs GPS applications for the Nokia Symbian S60 to keep you out of trouble. When you combine your Nokia Symbian S60 enabled phone (coupled with a bluetooth GPS receiver) with their software they promise to warn you with visual and audible alerts for all Fixed Safety Cameras, Temporary Roadworks Cameras, Average Speed Monitoring sections (SPECS), Accident Blackspots, Primary Schools and Congestion Charging Zones in the UK.

The application costs £5 (currently free with 2 day trial) per handset and phone number, however it is a subscription service so you’ll have to pay another £1.50 every week. The subscription gives you access to all the updates using the GPRS connection. Currently the compatible handsets are Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N72,and Nokia N90.

In addition to warning against speed cameras, Road Angel can also alert you whenever you are over the speed limit. You can set this limit somewhere between 20MPH and 115MPH.

Give us a comment if you’ve used this service. We would like to know how well it works.

radar and speed reminder with bluetooth GPS receiver from StarsNav

starsnav-943.jpgThis little marvel from StarsNav; called BTS100 does it all. It can remind you the locations of known speed cameras, it can warn you when your speed is above a certain limit and it is a bluetooth GPS receiver. Using its special software you can upload and download POI’s (in this case, the location of the speed cameras) or you can just push the buttons on the device whenever you spot a police hiding behind a corner. The BTS100 equips the power saving Nemerix GPS chipset.

Here are some of its features:

  • Bluetooth GPS receiver and speed camera reminder all in one
  • Speed camera and speeding voice reminder
  • Speed camera data base upload/download via mini USB
  • Customize data base with user utility software
  • Optional Flash memory 4MB/8MB/16MB
  • Motion sensor for auto power saving mode: auto power on/off when the device is moving/motionless.
  • Ultra low power consumption, up to 22hours of continuous use with battery fully charged
  • Rechargeable 1100mA Li-ion battery with the original made-in-Japan battery cells
  • Cold/warm/hot start (42/38/3~6 seconds)
  • 16 channels All-in-View tracking.
  • Compatible with bluetooth enabled devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • High sensitivity: -152dbm
  • Build-in High Gain antenna
  • Data format: longitude, latitude, speed , UTC
  • GPS trace interval time setting from 1sec ~ 30 minutes

GPS Speed Camera Detector from Inforad

inforad-gps-radar-332.jpgIts pretty easy these days to get a speeding ticket after realizing it too late. Save yourself a whole lot of heartache and undeserved fines with the GPS Speed Camera Detector from Inforad. Place an initial investment of £79.99 and you will receive the device and a whole year of free updates. Subsequent yearly updates cost £24.99 while a lifetime subscription is just £49.99. Plug the device into the cigarrete lighter and you’re good to go. This road legal device will alert you whenever there are any nearby fixed cameras or upon entering a speed camera zone. This device works just as well in France, Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland.


Coyote multi-function radar detector

Coyote-gps-032.jpgThe French made Coyote is a radar detector with integrated GPS system that can automatically update the location of all known radars using its GSM/GPRS system. The LCD screen is used for showing the posted limit and your vehicle’s speed. It can also provide live traffic information to keep you out of congested areas. Another neat function is that in case your car gets stolen, you can send a text message to Coyote HQ and they will let you know last known location of your vehicle.

But it is not all. Indeed via an integrated modem GSM/GPRS, the position of the radars is updated within the Coyote progressively with their installation. Screen LCD also makes it possible to post the speed limit (with hooter sound signalling and visual reglable in the event of going beyond), and the infotraffic. All that for a subscription 34,90€ per month for the hiring of the terminal and the services (of other offers proposing the purchase of the terminal are also available on the site).

Small more: you lost your vehicle? No the concern, a sms sent on the waiters of Coyote and one return you the address of the last known position.

Design features:

* Receiver GPS SiRF III
* Communication GPRS with the waiters Coyote by the network of operators GSM
* Personalization of the various functions by the means of space user on the Web site
* Warning signal radars: Taking into account of the direction of circulation, posting of the distance from the radar
* Warning signal of overspeed compared to the limit of vitessse in progress
* Adjustment of the luminosity and the contrast of screen LCD
* Adjustment of the volume of the sound signalling hooter
* Food by catch conveys cigar-lighter 12V or 24 V
* Possibility of connecting an external antenna GPS
* Automatic update dice the setting under tensionc

The Coyote is of course completely legal and is proposed with the tariff of 479€ Euro’s for the terminal with a subscription of 12€/mois during 2 years for the services, or via a hiring of the terminal for 34,90€ Euro’s per month. All the offers include/understand the totality of the services suggested for an unlimited use.


Navirad GPS1, a new radar detector with GPS

Company GPS Navirad announces the immediate availability of Navirad GPS1, a new peripheral for cars including a receiver GPS, allowing to be informed in real time of the proximity of a fixed or mobile radar.

Compact (55 X 91 X 27 mm), this peripheral named Navirad GPS1 comes to be stuck on the dashboard of a car to allow, via its internal operating system, to be informed in real time (visual and sound alarm) of the proximity (starting from 600 meters) of automatic radars, the mobile control fields, the dangerous turns, the zones of accumulation of accidents being able for their part being added later on.

Indeed, if Navirad GPS1 has owing to lack of a base data of fixed and mobile radars, it is possible to update it free since a PC under Windows connected to Internet via its catch USB integrated making it possible to transfer these data on peripheral GPS. On this subject, Navirad GPS1 has only one chip GPS of old generation, requiring the acquisition of an external antenna GPS to use it in a car which has an athermic windshield.

The screen of the terminal of pocket makes it possible of more than post the speed limit not to be exceeded, to specify such a speed limit manually or to post an electronic compass, the whole while taking of account the direction of the vehicle in order to avoid the false alarm.

Navirad GPS1, which respects all the legislations in force concerning the legal methods of detection of radars of which a conformity with the R413-15 article of the highway code, is currently marketed at the price of 149 E€uros including all taxes.

auto-translated from French