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iNAVI K7: why can’t we have 3D maps like this?

Every time I see one of these Korean GPS navigation systems such as the latest iNavi K7 from Thinkware I can’t stop but compare it to what we have here in the U.S. The closest we can get is the new Reality View Pro from Navigon but even that is nothing compared 3D renderings by these guys. (I’m sure it is a lot easier for them to create these maps since South Korea is about the size of Minnesota.)

Anyhow, this device we’re so jealous about has a 7″ screen, 8GB SDHC memory card and 256MB of RAM/ROM. It also uses a geomagnetic sensor which can enhance your navigation experience by making up for the weak satellite signals you may experience when driving between tall building.

iNAVI K7 also features touch key with LED lights, supports multimedia functions such as DMB, video player, MP3 playback, etc. It has a detachable battery pack too. It will sell for 549000KRW… Read More …

iNAVI ES100+

We now have more details on the iNAVI ES series we mentioned earlier this month. There is a new model called iNAVI ES100+ which apparently is the low end GPS navigation system. As you can see from the picture above this is what Korean’s call low-end:

  • 7″ screen
  • 700Mhz CPU
  • 900mAh battery
  • split screen
  • realistic 3D mapping
  • picture-in-picture feature
  • TPEG real time traffic information
  • DMB receiver

iNavi ES100+ will be launched in July 21st and will cost 399,000KRW (~$399) for 2GB and 449,000KRW (~$449) for 4GB, and 499,000KRW (~499) for 8GB model… via

iNavi K2 prices lowered

Korean Thinkware is lowering their prices on the iNavi K2 with 8GB storage space from 549000KRW to 499000KRW ($522 to $475) in an effort to increase sales volumes. In a similar fashion ES-200 and ES-100 will now sell for 419000KRW for the 4GB version and 369000KRW for the 2GB version.



iNAVI K2 has the best 3D navigation software we’ve ever seen so far. Of course it is from Korea; a company called Thinkware announced iNAVI K2, a GPS navigation system that has 8GB of space on SDHC memory card, comes with 256MB of RAM, and has a 4.8″ WVGA screen with 800×480 resolution.

What makes iNAVI K2 so futuristic is the fact that 3D structures are rendered with actual realistic images of the buildings. You can also expect to get complete lane information about the road you are on to help you with your next turn.

iNAVI K2 GPS navigation system also integrates a geomagnetic 3 axis sensor which detects absolute north pole and can calculate the heading of your vehicle even in stand still.

It will retail for 549,000KRW which is about $550 but that shouldn’t matter since you’ll never get your hands on one of these in the States… Read More …

RouteBuddy 1.4 brings nuvi support to Macs

route buddy
RouteBuddy, mapping and GPS navigation software for Macs, just released version 1.4 which now supports Garmin nüvi and zūmo devices for import and export of waypoints/POIs, routes and tracks. In addition, it also offers support for several TomTom devices (such as GO and Rider) for waypoints/POIs and route transfer.

If you are already using RouteBuddy the update is free but if you are a new customer you can expect to pay $100. Maps start from $40 and are available for the following countries/regions:


  • Canada
  • North America
  • United States


  • Austria & Switzerland
  • Benelux
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iberia
  • Italy
  • Scandinavia
  • United Kingdom & Ireland


  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

Middle East

  • U.A.E.

Provia A1 Navigator

Here’s another high tech GPS navigation system from far east. Provia A1 Navigator is from Korea’s HTMS which put amazing 3D maps, a multimedia player that can handle multiple video formats and a touchscreen interface under a sharp 7″ display.

Even though it looks very thin and sexy it is doesn’t have an external HDD or a karaoke like other Korean navigation systems… via

Sony Go!Explore GPS navigation

Sony just announced Go!Explore, a new GPS navigation system for PSP. The new package which is to hit the stores holiday season this year brings together maps of TeleAtlas and the software of NavNGo and will incorparate GPS receiver hardware and the software on a UMD for the maps. PSP’s high processor power will be able to render awesome 3D city maps and landmarks in select cities where TeleAtlas makes them available.

Go!Explore is quite flexible and expandable supporting voice guidance in 11 languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish) and allowing users to update their POI database from the Playstation network or using Wi-Fi capabilities.

If you live in the US, do not get your hopes up just yet though – Sony’s Go!Explore currently only offers maps of UK/Ireland, Iberia, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, and Scandinavia.

iNavi G1 from Korea does Karaoke

iNavi G1 is one of those in-car entertainment systems that never make it out of Korea and leave Westerners drooling. First off it is a GPS navigation device that can render 3D maps including 3D buildings, and even the night sky with stars and mountains in the background. The navigation system is supplemented with a geomagnetic sensor (g-sensor) to help navigate where GPS signals are weak or nonexistent such as between tall buildings and tunnels. Just like many others iNavi G1 also has a DMB receiver that lets your watch you favorite channel while navigating (who’s doing the driving?) thanks to its Picture-In-Picture capability.

iNavi G1 is also a media player supporting various formats such as MP3, AC3, AVI, ASF, WMV, MPG, MPEG, WMA, and OGG. However since there’s no on-board HDD you may wonder how to put your videos or music on to the device. Well, no worries. The iNavi has an SD memory slot as well as a USB host meaning you’ll have as much storage as your flash disks can hold.

Other features include a photo album to easily view your pics, several games, and a smart little software called ‘car diary’ to keep track of various car related expenses and other things.

And here is the best feature we left for last: The iNavi G1 is also a karaoke machine which we believe makes it the first and only device to combine GPS navigation with karaoke. Congratulations iNavi G1! via

Garmin Nuvi 200 surfaces on Danish site before CeBIT

The soon-to-be-announced nuvi 200, along with nuvi 250, and nuvi 270 have already made their appearances Garmin’s Danish site. From looking at the pictures we can tell the form factor will be same as a nuvi 360, and like we mentioned earlier today all will be entry level navigation devices.

Enjoy reading this auto-translation from nuvi 200′s Danish page:

Many of the functions that have secured the nüvi series their success over the whole world, have been carried on in the model who doesn’t blow up any budgets. With detail- maps of Scandinavia, and the intuitive operating system, one find its way light for the family in Sweden, the hotel in Norway or maybe just just a flying visit for the friends, over on the other hand of the Great Belt. They distinction – installed NavTeq shortly contains thousands of interest points, thus you lightly the nearest petrol finds station or restaurant. That sensitive hill built in an aerial, safe an unsurpassed position’s provision, even under difficult reception, such as dense town-driving or forest. And with built-in battery nüvi is a safe help, if one draws on discovery at a city on foot or on a bicycle. There is space for extra card, at SD short, one has to outside Scandinavia, there are lots of prospects. The extra memory’s place, can be also used to the classic nüvi favorites, 5 the language dictionary, deliveredly some of Oxford Dictionarie and Europe guide, delivered by Marco Polo. Watch the pictures from your digital camera on a large screen and calculate the local currency course, but a small number of pressures on the screen. There are many reasons more that nüvi the series has harvested great praise with the Danish reviewers, and that is what we’ll gladly expand with the newest scion on the tribe.

We realize translations are a bit funny – but it sounds like the nuvi 250 will have maps of more European countries than the nuvi 200, and nuvi 270 will include maps of North America. These details we’ll become more clear very soon at CeBIT… via

V7 MyGuide 1000

We thought we had covered all MyGuide GPS navigation systems but it looks like we missed one. Today we have the V7 MyGuide 1000, which seems to be the North American version of V7 PMD 1400. The products look identical however the pre-loaded maps are different. The one on NewEgg has maps of 50 US States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Western Europe incl UK, Scandinavia, The MyGuide V7 sells for $250 which is a good price for a product that offers the most comman basic features such as 3.5″ touch screen, integrated battery and speaker, and an SD slot.