Alpine INE-Z928HD and INE-S920HD

Alpine Electronics introduced the biggest after market in-dash GPS/audio/video system available called Alpine INE-Z928HD with a 8″ screen and a $1500 price tag. It also announced Alpine INE-S920HD with a 6.1″ screen which is going to cost $1000.

Here are some of the highlights INE-Z928HD and INE-S920HD

  • free lifetime NAVTEQ Traffic RDS (Z928HD)
  • HD Radio receiver built-in
  • Works with Pandora internet radio for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
  • Bluetooh audio streaming
  • Rear USB port

Alpine is also making an effort to integrate these products into your dash seamlessly with the new Perfect F.I.T kits which are listed here.

One Response to “Alpine INE-Z928HD and INE-S920HD”

  1. Paul Johnson Says:

    But can it use OpenStreetMap for navigation?

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