LightSquared has no solution to GPS interference problem

Coalition to Save Our GPS has ripped apart the press release from LightSquared that announces a ‘solution’ that is really not a solution at all. Here are a few snippets from the coalition’s press release [pdf]

  • LightSquared’s claim that lower band operations would be largely free of interference for non-high precision GPS users is simply not true.
  • Even LightSquared admits that operation in the lower MSS band will not solve the interference problem for high precision uses. It fails to note that the harmful interference rate is 94 percent and the critical importance of those high precision users.
  • LightSquared’s proposal to “reduce” its permitted operating power actually represents an increase in power above the levels shown to create interference in recent tests.
  • LightSquared is still proposing to operate in the upper MSS band in the future, despite overwhelming evidence of massive interference and no credible support for any future technical solution.

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