Mio Moov R303 and R403

Mio has quietly released a couple of new GPS navigation systems for the US market called Mio Moov R303 and Mio Moov R403. Both devices look like mid-range devices offering “value” more than anything else.

Both devices offer text-to-speech, lane guidance, and come with 4 million POIs. The only difference is that R403 has a bigger 4.3″ touchscreen, compared to 3.5″.

Both devices are already on Amazon for $199 and $92 (Mio Moov R403 4.3, Mio Moov R303 3.5)

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  1. The Markham Says:

    I have a Mio Moov 310 and its a great little device. I don’t think people give Mio a chance when they think of GPS. I find that a lot of the Mio GPS’s have more features than those of TomTom and Garmin, at a lower price. My Mio Moov is over 5 years old and still works great. When I upgrade I will consider one of these Mio Moov’s, cheap but great quality. Very nice article, thanks for the write up.

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