Garmin Nuvi 2200

Garmin recently announced the affordable Garmin Nuvi 2200 series. Models from Nuvi 2200 series will have a 3.5″ touchscreen and their prices range from $150 to $180. The new models from these series include multi-stop routes, route previews and make use of the historical road speed database. There’s also the enhanced pedestrian mode can provide public transit options through optional cityXplorer content.

Anyhow here are the new Garmin Nuvi 2200’s and how they differ:

  • garmin nuvi 2200: $150 – Maps of lower 48 and Hawaii
  • garmin nuvi 2250: $160 – Maps of North America
  • garmin nuvi 2250LT: $180 – Add lifetime traffic subscription

Some other common features include text-to-speech, eco-routes, and ability to remember your frequent favorite destinations.

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