Vexia 420 Truck GPS navigation system

We like the Spanish Vexia brand here at Navigadget. They just came out with a new version called the Vexia 420 Truck, a GPS navigation system for trucks.

Garmin already had this (nuvi 465t) and now Vexia is giving it a try. The version that Vexia created – GPS Vexia 420 truck model is not stronger or bigger, but its software is designed so that the GPS does not play a trick on us and lead us to an alley that we can not leave.

The GPS navigation software is configurable for trucks, buses, caravans and cars (with or without trailers) and Vexia 420 Truck takes into account characteristics such as weight, height, size and vehicle load when calculating routes for more than 40 countries in Europe. Once we set the parameters of our car and trailer, which is common these summer months, we can get just hit the road without worrying. If you are a truck driver options are endless, and can even indicate the type of merchandise we carry.

Moreover, specifications of Vexia 420 Truck still include basic options such as lane assistant, tunnel mode, verbose output, road marking panel, highway assistant, speed warnings, navigation coordinates, default routes, exploration by map, as well as a wide base of points of interest.

The price of Vexia Truck 420 is 270 Euros… via

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