Pro Tech offender tracking GPS ankle unit

Makers of offender tracking devices – Pro Tech – just got their latest Smart One Wearable MTD through FCC meaning soon you’ll be able to see this on your favorite offender’s ankle (??!). For obvious reasons this is a live tracking device which utilizes a sensitive, low power GPS receiver, as well as a GSM/GPRS module transmitting location information to the ‘base’.

This tracking device supports various rules such as exclusion and inclusion zones, schedules, etc, and they are all stored in the device. This makes it possible for the ankle unit to warn the offender about a possible violation even when there are no wireless signals.

Other features include communication via LED lights and vibration, soft key for offender acknowledgment, support for multiple tracking technologies including GPS, and an advanced motion sensor.

If you happen to wear one of these please let us know your thoughts on this GPS tracking device. Performance, sensitivity, battery life, etc…

24 Responses to “Pro Tech offender tracking GPS ankle unit”

  1. mike geiger Says:

    I have this exact model on my ankle now. It works well but the battery is hit or miss. It says 2 hrs on the charger will go for 18… I charged it all night and then 1 hour before I left for a ten hour shift at work. I was at work three hours and it started to die. I called probation and they said don’t worry about it let it die. You are doing what You are supposed to do. It has a magnetic connection for the charger so you sent tether to the wall and it vibrates when the connection is made or broken. When it dies it vibrates once every 5 min for about an hour then you’re free. :-)

  2. michael phillips Says:

    lol this monitor is alright even tho i can go to my neighbors house without it going off all the time ;)

  3. KYL3 K3IS3R Says:

    ive been wearing one now for 30 days and the battery life sucks you never know exactly how long you got till it dies and as far as sensitivity goes the charger port is veryt sensitive its magnetic but not very strong i tried charging while sleeping and it didnt work out very well the plug came off and the gps died but i really dont even think they work as far as tamper proof theres no heat sensor or anythign the ponly time it goes off is if you mess with either side of the plug where the band goes but if you were to cut it off noone would know the difference untill you went to turn it in mine has been cut off for an hour now and it is still functioning normal “no alerts”

  4. Michael Lingley Says:

    I have this model ankle bracelet no curfew juss a few exclusion zones and I cant leave the state….I havent had trouble with my battery I dont charge it while im sleeping….I usually charge it at night when im watching TV for an hour and it vibrates turns green so I take it off the charger….but ive also gone about 3 days without charging it then it turned red to let me know I had that hour left of battery life…I wish this thing was smaller…my complaints are cant really wear high top sneakers or boots….and sleeping with it sucks

  5. jack Says:

    i just got one of these pro tech tethers put on my ankle last week.

    how do i know if it’s charged or not?

    i’m charging now and the magnetic plug is green. but a red light is on on the unit. is that supposed to happen

    when it’s not plugged in, there’s not usually a light on although sometimes the green light comes on and blinks

    i have no idea if it’s working right

    i’d appreciate any input. thanks

  6. Phyllis Miller Says:

    I have had this monitor for 3 weeks I’ve racked up multiple violations because I was never informed of how it works what the lights mean or anything! I have found out that it has to be charged twice a day sometimes and when you charge it make sure it vibrates when you plague it in and the red light stays on and when its fully charged the light will turn green and vibrate. And the green light will continuously blink as long as its working correctly! At first my p.o. put the monitor on upside down and I didn’t even know it had lights but after my multiple violations and havng to complain about everything they finally turned it right side up! Now I have a faulty charger that the wires on the inside of the charger have a bad connection … just one thing after another!

  7. paul johnson Says:

    I have this on and it wont stop vib and all I get from fsu is it will do that

  8. Mike in TX Says:

    This thing is cheap and has a terrible battery life. You DO have to charge it twice for two hours continuously. Don’t just assume a few minutes here and there will suffice. But then again, if you understand how the signal works (i.e. GPS/CDMA)and ‘pings’ you can also manipulate it VERY easy with a MacBook and an echobox. Mine is sitting at home as we speak. ;)Zero violations 3 weeks later.

  9. bob in ok Says:

    Husband came home on this 3wks ago and has had one violation so far saying he was out of zone when he was home in bed with me i think it sucks when po’s don’t believe they are doing what’s supposed to be doing

  10. jake Says:

    How do i take it off without cuttung strap ?

  11. Wynn Says:

    My bracelet is flashing all three red lights and vibrating every five minutes. It’s been plugged in all morning and it randomly started. What does this mean?

  12. gloria smith Says:

    I’ve been wearing one for 9 months now. Never had no problems

  13. Karen Barber Says:

    I want to know if the ankle monitors have any sort of magnetism within the unit or the bracelet it self. If so, it has irritated my titanium hardware in my spine. I am not to be exposed to magnetism.

  14. Scarlett James Says:

    Does anyone know what the button on the side of the ankle bracelet does?

  15. Ron Says:

    I have the gps braclet on now.. It’s only been a few days and it’s gone dead while working in my yard.. I ran to go charge.. Bc I saw yellow and red light.. I’ve charged for a hour and 20 mins.. I took off no light on but red and vibrated .. I called my case manager and no answer several times.. It’s been back on charger again and nothing .. Plz help what to do

  16. stacy Says:

    What if it came off by my band where it connects and I put it back on and there’s still no change

  17. Stacy Says:

    What do you do if your charger won’t work it’s not charging the tether I think there’s a faulty wire but it’s 4 am and it’s going to die at 6 what do I do my p.o don’t answer

  18. Sraci Says:

    How long after being in gps monitoring do they keep records of your whereabouts?

  19. Aj Says:

    When it lights up red and vibrates it means its charging these tethers tend to lose signal really easily example may be in a hospital or at a gym with no windows that button on the side is meant to clear an alert if u lose signal step outside if its still vibrating and the gps light is still flashing on press that button itll let the po know you just lost signal the zone light means ur in a restricted area or if you have a curfew and u cross the circle u have to be in it lets the po know u left your zone which would obviously be your house and leaving that zone would obviously be a violation the tether dieing is a violation and btw if your po says u can shower with it but dont swim its bullshit. I take risks so i went swimming with it on nothing happens these tethers can handle being in 50 feet of water so yes ypu can swim if they tell u otherwise believe me theyre bullshitting i swim almost everyday with it on its working perfectly fine

  20. Aj Says:

    Also it tracks you every 60 seconds when you dont violate but if youre out of your zone when your not supposed to be it monitors u every 15 seconds and charging wise i barely ever charge mine and it lasts awhile

  21. rob Says:

    Been on this tether for 3 days. Its friday, was out mowing my lawn and this thing started blinking all 3 red lights, buzzing every 5 minutes or so. I’ve been charging this peice of shit for about 2-3 hours now and all 3 red lights are still bliking and this fucker is still buzzing.
    Nobody told me about any lights or what not.
    My po wont answer because its friday night, no cops have showed up, yet i was told if it go’s dead that i go to jail. What do i do? Theres a button on the side but if i push it wont i just be acknoldging that im guilty of some false shit?

  22. Bh Says:

    When 3 lights are blinking red it means battery is about to die, You cant press the button down you have to HOLD it down to clear the alert. Just had this happen and called the support line.

  23. Richard Says:

    I’ve had a tether on a week an a half I wake up this morning to get my children up & my power light is blinking red this was around 742… the gps place called me and asked me y my tether was low & asked where I was & at the same time my parole officer shows up at my door for my report day & said they only call u when ur battery is dead not going dead. The red light was blinking so therefore it wasn’t dead right? Can he violate me?

  24. Craig Says:

    I want to try to go to my neighbors house. I walked over & no vibrations, but I’m not sure if a violation signal was still sent out? If I go to my neighbors house and that’s a “violation” will my monitor vibrate to let me know ?? Or will I unknowingly be in a violation area and have a signal sent out to my PO?

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