Qlinq GS200 GPS tracking phone

Quectel of China is ready to bring the Qlinq GS200 GPS tracking phone into the U.S. of A. now that it has cleared FCC regulations. We’re not sure who their distributor here will be of how much it will cost but we’re bound to find out pretty soon.

Qlinq GS200 – like we just said – is a GPS tracking phone that has a fast TTFF and can work on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. Its location can be tracked in real time or at specified intervals via the backend server through GPRS/GSM networks. It supports emergency reports, geo-fencing, and low power modes.

GS200 has a built in SiRF Star III chipset which has -158dBm tracking sensitivity and –142 dBm autonomous sensitivity. The 2″ OLED display is not all that impressive with 176×220 pixel resolution but that’s not what matters here really. It has a motion sensor to help you make that 1150mAh battery last as long as possible.

It will probably marketed here for the elderly because a) no 3G or complicated smartphone functions b) giant keypad c) GPS tracking and falling alarm to be used in case of emergencies.

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  1. Ed Mans Says:

    wondering if it was ever sold in the usa and were did the phone come from\; safelinq or Quectel Beeing the writer of all protocols of the qlinq and smartlinq, it is important for me to know. (2017)

    i would apriciated an answer by email.

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