GPS navigation system for Jamaica: JAMNAV

Jamaica’s first GPS navigation map data was just made available as JAMNAV by Mona GeoInformatics Institute of the University of the West Indies. It includes about 10K miles of roads and 15K points of interests.

The map data is available on Garmin devices since the MGI worked as the local developer for the company figuring out complex intersections, one way streets, and parochial roads.

You can pick up a Garmin unit from Avis at Kingston or Montego Bay airports which are already loaded with the JAMNAV map data. Renting a car is optional. No seriously. You can just rent the GPS navigation unit.

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  5. Mio Navman Spirit V505 Says:

    The information of the maps is available in the Garmin devices because the MGI worked like local developer of the company to find out complex intersections, streets of felt only one, and the parochial ways.

  6. JAMNAV Wiz Says:

    JAMNAV© is the GPS navigation map developed and released by the Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI), at The University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus. JAMNAV© is developed for use in Jamaica and offers tourists and locals street-level, turn-by-turn voice-assisted navigation across the island.

    JAMNAV© offers over 15,000 km of roads including toll roads, major highways, principal highways, other highways, arterial roads, collector roads, residential roads, alleys tracks and pathways with street names and full auto-routable functionality. JAMNAV© takes you everywhere – with over 15,000 points of interest (POIs) in 68 categories including hotels, attractions, restaurants, embassies, gas stations, shopping places, banks, ATMs, hospitals, police stations and so much more. Users of JAMNAV© will have a real time digital road map for their vehicle, smart phone or laptop and be able to plan their route or change it on the fly in first world style and comfort.

    JAMNAV© is based on the Garmin™ platform and is compatible with the full Garmin™ automotive range of navigation units. JAMNAV© reflects the same quality and content that users would be familiar with when using similar systems in the United States, Canada or Europe. However, MGI, as a local developer, has taken into consideration all the local complexities when delivering such a product to Jamaica and has calibrated JAMNAV© specifically for the Jamaican market, complete with all its unique attributes.

    JAMNAV© has detailed coverage in rural Jamaica, not just the urban areas, and having all villages, towns and cities mapped travelers are able to move around with a greater sense of security and confidence. By virtue of its work with the police and with advanced crime mapping, MGI has preprogrammed perennially crime-ridden areas, and weighted such places to avoid preferred routing through those locales. JAMNAV© enables tourists and locals alike the option to travel with a greater degree of confidence and safety in knowing their location and finding places of interest when needed, whether in an emergency or on a whim.

  7. Winston Barnes Says:

    GPS navigation system for Jamaica “JAMNAV”
    It would be appropreate if the price, information and the place of purchase was made available.

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