Garmin GPSMAP 4208

There’s the Garmin GPSMAP 5012, the portable and dual function GPSMAP 640, and the brand new GPSMAP 6000 and GPSMAP 7000 series. But maybe you need something else – not so expensive – but still more functional than the portable GPSMAP 640. In that case you’ll find the Garmin GPSMAP 4208 quite useful. Garmin GPSMAP 4208 is a WAAS enabled chartplotter with 12 channel GPS receiver and a 8.4″ VGA display.

The device is preloaded BlueChart g2 maps of the U.S. coast, and supports connecting to the Garmin Marine Network, where you can add sonar, radar and weather updates. If the onboard maps are not enough you can always bring your own on an SD card, or use the video-in port to get live pictures from other places on your boat.

Costs $1740 on Amazon which is $260 cheaper than the price posted on Garmin.

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