Elektrobit’s Terrastar Genus clears FCC

The Terrastar Genus we mentioned back in October has just cleared FCC and is probably going to hit AT&T in January of 2010 as expected. However not for end consumer just yet – only for government, energy, utility, transportation and maritime users. Terrastar Genus is made Elektrobit in Sweden – the birth place of modern cell phone communications.

Some of the features of Terrastar Genus include 2.6″ touch screen with QVGA resolution, WinMo 6.5 Professional, 100MB of internal memory, QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, microSD card slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, embedded GPS, and a powerful 1400mAh battery.

However the highlight of it all is the ability to work with satellites whenever AT&T’s regular cell phone coverage is not available.

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  4. johnny Says:

    EB is from Finland – not Sweden.

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  8. JK Says:

    Calling EB swedish is an insult against a complete nation! ;)

    EB is from Finland, damnit.

    And calling Sweden “the birth place of modern cell phone communications” is a crime against history.

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