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Garmin just introduced a free service called Custom Maps that lets Garmin Oregon, Garmin Dakota, and Garmin Colorado users upload their digital or even paper maps into their device.

You’ll have to update the software on your PC and on the Garmin handheld devices we just mentioned, save the map in JPG format, create an image overlay, link the JPG file, adjust the boundaries, then send to your device – all of which are explained here in detail with images too.

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  7. Gian Paolo Saliola Says:

    Recently OkMap freeware software include a feature to generate automatically compatible Garmin custom maps (kmz format).
    The map calibration is sophisticated because OkMap uses different type of projection and several datums.
    This new feature includes map tiling from and to different image file formats (including from ECW map files).
    It’s possible select KML extensions 2.2 (if GPS supports them), the JPEG quality, KML transparency, draw order, ecc..
    You can select the tiles to generate in output.
    This feature support also not north oriented maps.
    OkMap include a Google maps server to download maps from Google, OpenStreetMap, MyTopo, DOCQ, ecc..
    These two features combined together may be very useful.

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