GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients

Vision Localization Systems and CEAFA (Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Alzheimer’s) just unveiled a new and improved GPS tracking system for Alzheimer patients and their families called Keruve 2010. Keruve 2010 is made up of two parts. The base station which helps you locate where the patient is, and the super sleek wrist watch that actually looks pretty stylish too.

Different from their previous version, this GPS locator is a lot more discrete and comes in three gentleman models (classic, sports), two lady models, and even a unisex model – wrist watch without any compromise in functionality.

The device relies on four different tracking systems which includes GPS-SBAS (<2.5m), a special indoor positioning system (10-40m), VisionCellid (200-500m), and T-GSM (200m-1500m), and has a feature called “multicoverage” which use the sum of all GSM networks available in each country.

The base station has a 4.2″ screen, display streets with large letters, and has an ergonomic design. We don’t have any information on how much this GPS tracking system from Alzheimer’s patients will cost but it can’t be that cheap.


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  1. Tom Says:

    Good news for alzheimer’s community. This product seems really accurate to their needs.

  2. Moderno y elegante sistema de seguimiento GPS para pacientes con Alzheimer | Actualidad GPS - manuales y noticias sobre navegadores GPS Says:

    […] Vision Localization Systems y CEAFA (Confederación Española de Familiares de Alzheimer) han dado a conocer un nuevo y mejorado sistema de seguimiento GPS para los pacientes con Alzheimer y sus familias llamado Keruve 2010. […]

  3. Kathy Hatfield Says:

    My name is Kathy and I am the full time caregiver for my eighty one year-old Dad who has Alzheimer’s and lives with me in North Carolina.

    When my Mom died in 2004 and Dad moved in with me, I had no idea what to do. But day by day, I found ways to cope, and even enjoy having my Dad with me.

    So I started writing a blog at, which shows the “lighter” side of caring for someone with dementia.

    After a while, I added over 100 pages of helpful information and tips for caregivers. We even have a Chat room so caregivers can communicate with each other from home. Art and music are a very large part of my Dad’s therapy.

    Please pass this link along to anyone you feel would enjoy it.

    Kathy Hatfield

  4. Sovremennost' gps: Современная и элегантная система следования GPS для пациентов с Болезнью Альцгеймера Says:

    […] с Болезнью Альцгеймера и его семей, названной Keruve 2010. Keruve 2010 составлен двумя устройствами. Базовая станция […]

  5. Gegenwart gps: Modernes und elegantes Verfolgungssystem GPS für Patienten mit Alzheimer Says:

    […] Localization Systems und CEAFA (Spanisches Bündnis des Verwandten von Alzheimer) haben Keruve neu und verbessert Verfolgungssystem GPS für die Patienten mit Alzheimer und seine Familien genannt […]

  6. journey tracker Says:

    I love anything spy or surveillance connected, great info – Thanks

  7. GuideDog Says:

    These sort of devices can prove to be invaluable for Alzheimer’s patients, as well as the elderly. For teen drivers, a GPS-enabled tracking device may also be a good choice for a parent’s piece of mind. To be able to monitor a vehicle in real-time can be such a relief for most parents or for family members of the elderly.

  8. Poonam Kapila Says:

    I do understand and commend the research of all such devices for alzheimer patients.
    My Husband was diagnosed withearly-onset of this dreadful disease….he is only 53. He has been quite depressed and frustrated in the past 4 months and has wandered off many a times for hours away from home. He did it once at 11pm at night and after 3 hours of 5 cop cars and half a dozen neighbor and family cars looking for him, he was finally located. Since his is an early-onset and probably in the mild-medium stage, he was able to tuen off his phone and thus we could not track him using the GPS service from AT&T. My questions is to all the experts out there:
    Is there any device out there that some one as young as my husband is not able to take off or switch off which totally defeats the purpose in helping to find or track him?
    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this.

  9. Rogina Guy Says:

    I need to know how to buy the keruve for my mother. my mother margaret has alzheimers and so far I have been lucky to get her back, with out her being hurt. in a year in a half my mother has gotten away from me 5 times so far. I am afraid that she will get hurt or worst if I can’t find her right away. Please help me Rogina Guy thank you.

  10. Daniel Says:

    Rogina, last week I ordered one. Just call them at (+34) 954 460 992

  11. Brenda Says:

    What is the cost of the Keruve 2010? I would be interested in purchasing however have been unable to find pricing information.

    Thank you,

    Brenda Mason

  12. Rafael Torres Says:

    Do you have a GPS that works in Mexico? Please send me your telephone number.

    Thank you.

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