Snooper S280 Saphire Plus

We’ve mentioned the British Snooper name a few times here before. But we didn’t know they had this new 3 in 1 GPS navigation system. It is called Snooper S280 Saphire Plus and here is what it can do: 1) a good old sat nav device with maps from Navteq 2) GPS radar detector that uses the comprehensive AURA database, and 3) a golf shot saver that knows about over 2000 golf courses in Europe and provides distances to bunkers, lakes, streams, paths plus many other hazards, and a lot more.

It includes a free lifetime subscription to the Aura database and other updates for the golf courses.

Snooper S280 Saphire Plus has a 1.75″ color touch screen, voice alerts, headphone socket for motorcycle use. The device is very portable measuring 105mmx53mmx20mm.

It costs £140.

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