iRiver NV Mini Bike

iRiver just announced a new navigation system called the NV mini bike Edition.

After releasing this device with a 3.5″ screen, they’re now upgrading it with a sturdy bike mount kit and a firmware release that lets you keep track of your cycling workouts.

It measures things like total ride time, distance, speed, calories burnt, etc. iRiver NV Mini Bike Edition can hold charge up to 2 hours and 30 minutes thanks to the generous built-in battery, and riders can listen to tunes with the integrated speakers. You can even use the POI database on the device to find restaurants, bike shops, coffee shops, etc around you or on your route…via

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  10. Cogswappr Says:

    Hipsters need their own computer too…

    iRiver; normally known for things like Mp3 players and other portabel media player devices(PMPs), has released a “portable entertainment unit” for the bike called the NV Mini.
    No self respecting roadie would ever be caught on their local g…

  11. Says:…

    iRiver NV Mini Bike — NaviGadget…

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