Amber Alert GPS 2G

Amber Alert GPS today launched the Amber Alert GPS 2G, a GPS child tracking device. The device allows for parents to create a virtual safe zone, follow their kids bread crumb trail, and be alerted when their child reaches their destination. It even has voice monitoring, and even the ability to monitor the speed of a vehicle your child is riding in. There’s also the usual panic button that almost all live GPS tracking devices has.

The device itself costs a whopping $400 and you can pay between $10 to $60 for the service charge.

We think it is quite costly.

4 Responses to “Amber Alert GPS 2G”

  1. Csaba Kétszeri Says:

    Paranoia-tax for control freak parents?

    Not a technical remark, but a caring parent should teach the child what to do and do not instead of having them on a virtual lash and drag it when he/she feels appropriate.

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  4. Home Protection Man Says:

    There’s certainly a balance between using this as a virtual leash vs. having it in your kids pack just in case something were to happen. If your child walks a few blocks to school, something like this could save their life if a predator were to otherwise grab him/her and run. It saves precious time in the event of an emergency–which is its intended purpose. Hopefully parents don’t think they can let their kid go anywhere, and check on them w/ this!

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