iGO My Way iPhone GPS navigation app

The list of iPhone GPS navigation apps just keeps growing. Now Hungarian NNG just released their iGO MyWay 2009. Here are the features:

  • Realistic 3D terrain map display, citymaps and landmarks
  • Turn-by-turn navigation and voice guidance
  • Free quarterly map updates until end of 2010
  • No blind spots in coverage, no data fees or any other additional costs
  • User interface optimized for car navigation

$80 in the U.S., 90 € for whole Europe, and 70 € for only Western Europe.

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  1. More SatNav apps ready for the iPhone | UK Gadgeteer Website Says:

    […] also looks like iGO’s MyWay 2009 should be available soon […]

  2. zorglub Says:

  3. zorglub Says:

  4. Csaba Kétszeri Says:

    I had the pna version for whole Europe. Tried with some several hundred km trips and one 2000+km, worked flawlessly.

    Best maps I’ve ever tried + the terrain model and the graphics quite awesome.

  5. Aplicación para iPhone iGO MyWay | Actualidad GPS - manuales y noticias sobre navegadores GPS Says:

    […] La lista de aplicaciones de navegación GPS para iPhone sigue creciendo. Ahora la empresa húngara NGN acaba de publicar su iGO MyWay 2009. […]

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