Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and NVA-GS1409DT


Sanyo just introduced two new in dash GPS navigation systems called Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and Gorilla NVA-GS1409DT. Both these GPS navigation systems run on solid state drives (SSDs), feature a 7″ touchscreen, and an amazing user interface that features 3D buildings, very detailed intersection rendering even indicating where traffic details are.

The two in-dash models will be released next month and include some features such as 1Seg TV tuner, DVD, CD players, FM player, and the ability to read audio from SD cards.

NVA-GS1609FT will have a 16GB SSD whereas NVA-GS1409DT will only allow for 8GB of storage. We have no word on pricing yet. Oh.. did we mention you won’t be seeing this here in the U.S? Sorry.

6 Responses to “Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and NVA-GS1409DT”

  1. arun Says:

    I love this product such a cool and great product

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  3. talal Says:

    can its language be changed from japanese

  4. Felipe Says:

    I have the same doubt. Can it be converted to english?

  5. Mustafa Says:

    Please Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT english owner manual my email address send thanks.

  6. Jose Says:

    Anyone have the manual in english??? I have the NVA-gs1609ft in japanese thanks!!!!

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