Inrix traffic data improves

A while ago we asked if you took traffic updates into consideration. About 50% of you either didn’t get traffic updates or ignored them completely. Maybe Inrix took notice (we doubt it :) and just released some info on how they improved their performance.

In case you don’t know about them, Inrix is the company that provides live traffic updates for TomTom, Ford, Mio, Navigon, and many other big names.

Apparently now they cover over 160K miles of road in North America and their reliability went up from about 82% to about 90%.

Inrix utilizes over 1 million vehicles with GPS receivers as well as real-time road sensor data.

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  1. Inrix traffic data improves « Hotzomanu Blog Says:

    […] Here is the original: Inrix traffic data improves […]

  2. MikeB Says:

    Darn good poll question. Darn good. :-)

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