NASCAR GPS navigation system

RightWay is coming out with a NASCAR branded GPS navigation system called Rightway Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition.

It is a pretty basic sat nav system with a 4.3″ screen, text-to-speech, SiRF Atlas III GPS receiver, Navteq maps, and various media players that you’ll probably will never use.

However the biggest “attraction” here for NASCAR fans is that the device offers turn-by-turn directions in Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s voice minus the street names.

Other branded things on the device include Dale Jr.’s Amp car, National Guard , or Team Trailer for car icons, special POIs such as places Dale Jr. likes to visit, businesses he owns with short commentaries, and all NASCAR home tracks, speed parks, Sprint Cup Series tracks, and team garages.

It even comes with a Race Shop Tour Route which will route you to 14 team garages and shops in the Charlotte, N.C. area.

Rightway Spotter is already available on their website and Amazon (release date of May 15th) for $229.

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  1. Arthur Martineau Says:

    Nascar Nav… hmmm Take the next left in 400 yards then proceed to the next left in 600 yards. HaHaHa.

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