Alpine IVA-W505/P1

After IVA-W203, Alpine just announced its big brother IVA-W505 for the U.S. market. With an MSRP of $1400 and a 7″ touch screen you are right if you expect to see a lot of features from this device.

Looking at the specs it doesn’t look like the new Alpine IVA-W505/P1 will let us down though. Let’s have a brief look at the features of this 2DIN in-dash navigation+entertainment device:

First off you’ve got the removable navigation drive NVE-P1 which fits behind the screen – however it doesn’t have a screen of its own so you can’t just take to another vehicle. It comes preloaded with NAVTEQ maps including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. It does text-to-speech so you can always keep your eyes on the road trying to read the street name off of the screen.

Alpine IVA-W505/P1 also gives you full access/control to your iPod including cover art and album/artist information. You can get your entertainment not only from iPod but also bunch of other formats such as DVD, CD, MP3, AAC, WMA, DivX.. pretty much any media file you can get your hands on. It also has bluetooth connectivity for syncing with your compatible phone – and you can even set it to take calls automatically.

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    Alpine Rocks!

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