garmin Approach G5

Garmin today announced Approach G5, a GPS device for golfers. It has a 3″ color touchscreen and comes with thousands of courses preloaded.

It is ready to use out of the box and there are no subscription fees. As you move around the golf course garmin Approach G5 will continuously update your position and show your distance to the target or fairways, hazards and greens.

It also lets you keep score (up to 4 people), runs on two AA batteries and is waterproof.

Expect to pay $500 for the new Garmin Approach G5.

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  1. Travis Tubbs Says:

    I’ll admit, this is one use of a GPS device I’ve never thought of. It gets me wondering how many other specialty GPS devices you can come up with…

  2. GarminGPS Says:

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  3. garmin software for golfers Says:

    […] has a new stat-tracking software for their handheld GPS device for golfers – Approach G5. It is a free upgrade for G5 owners and it helps you keep track of fairways hit, greens hit in […]

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