WhereAreYou GPS Locator for Blackberry

There’s an application out there for blackberry devices called WhereAreYou.

WhereAreYou listens for text messages with a certain keyword in them from a certain list of numbers that you can configure and then in response it automatically replies with a text message containing the latitude/longitude coordinates, plus a link to Google Maps to visually locate the device on a map.

It only costs $5, comes with life time updates and and only requires 16KB of space on your device.

In the case where the device does not have a satellite fix it’ll keep trying in the background.

We wonder if its possible to have this application run completely hidden…

2 Responses to “WhereAreYou GPS Locator for Blackberry”

  1. Ron Says:

    This app works as advertised. It is easy to setup, when you send the SMS message with the key phrase, you get back a message with latittude and longitude of the BB in question. One thing I can’t seem to get working though is the Google Map link does not open a Google Map. I have to manually open Google Maps, extract the latitude and longitude from the link, then in shows the location just fine. Hopefully in the next release I won’t have this additional step.

  2. Keith Helander Says:

    This app has locked my BB and will not let me register because I cant get to the keyboard. How do remove it

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