Nokia E63

Nokia E63 was just officially announced a couple of days ago and even though some people assume this it doesn’t feature a GPS receiver we would like to argue otherwise. Yes, the specs do not explicitly talk about an A-GPS receiver but you’ll see that Nokia Maps is listed under GPS and Navigation section. That discussion aside, Nokia E63 is still an amazing sexy looking handset with a slim body and good colors.

As far as features we’re going to have to stick to basics since there’s a whole lot but for details you can always follow this link.

First off for connectivity you’ve got quad band GSM and dual band WCDMA, WiFi 802.11 b/g, bluetooth, and FM radio. As far as hardware Nokia E63 has got a 2.36″ screen with 320×240 resolution, 3.5 mm jack, full keyboard, 1500mAh Li-Po battery, microSD card slot upto 8GB, and 110MB internal RAM.

For media and fun stuff it has a 2MP camera that can shoot videos at 15 frames/second, and has a flash, audio support for mp3, wma, aac, aac+, eaac+ formats, voice recorder, speech recognition for voice commands, text-to-speech, and a browser that comes with Javascript 1.3 and 1.5 support.

Nokia E63 runs Symbian S60 and will probably cost somewhere around 200 €. We’ll keep you posted when we have a release date.

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  1. Tim Says:

    I suspect this assumption is wrong. The spec sheet not only does not list an integrated GPS receiver, but lists a GPS receiver as a potential accessory.

  2. albert Says:

    I looked at the User Guides. It states, “To use GPS, you need a compatible GPS receiver. Use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the GPS receiver”.

  3. Funky Says:

    I’m browsing from the E63 right now and the experience is awesome! I’m connected through a home wifi connection. The keyboard is fantastic. It’s true that it hasn’t a gps reciver installed but anyway the phone is great.

  4. Victoria Says:

    hello Funky, I have the nokia E63 phone but never could use wifi, can you tell me what did you do?

    I also would like to use emails using wifi, do you know how? I doesn’t work in my phone. Tryed everything!!!

    Please, help!!!

  5. Victoria Says:

    Can someone tell me how to setup the wifi connection, as I am conected but it always says No gateway found.

  6. akki Says:

    i hav an e63 n i wanted to know abt da gps systm……..
    cud sum1 plz tel me hw to gt it instald n use it……

  7. Arjun Says:

    The phone is setup such that you can use an external gps receiver with it. The reviewers seem to have just looked at the phone and quickly put together a review. The E63 does NOT have GPS in it already. You need to buy a separate one and then connect it to the E63 through Bluetooth!

  8. ericE63 Says:

    E63 can do more than we can imagine of…

    i have tons of softwares now.. cheers….

  9. itbristol Says:

    Just got the Nokia E63 too. In order to add your Wireless Internet on the phone, you go to “home” then “connectivity”. In this section you can find the “WLAN wiz” how Nokia calls it . This is the little bit that scans your available wireless networks , you will get a lot of neighbors and so on, just get the correct pass and it should be ready to go. From this point on, whenever you connect to the Internet you better have the option “always ask” for the Internet connection , so you can select your home network when you are at home. It is cool for Youtube or Radio station online. However , there is a little warning – the battery goes off quite fast while using the Internet, but thats just normal.

    In regards with the GPS – yep, does not work in the “natural” way. You need a Bluetooth GPS reciever . If you do not have one, you can still use the maps , however your position will be aproximated by the GSM towers near you , so you can have like 300 meters of error . But at least you can find the stuff you need. Another warning, if you use “hybrid” view on your maps it could use a lot of megabytes so take care as most of the companies will limit you to 1 GB a month .

    Have a great day with your Nokia :)
    Stefan B.

  10. Kae.Zaa Says:

    Now…i’ll buy this mobile at department store in Thailand..When i got it…i’ll tell u about option in this mobile and if i have some query please give me the answer.

    Note….Now i found that the mobile nokie c3 is great…if u don’t belive me plese try to use it…and tell me…


  11. Kae.zaa Says:

    I wanna know now i submit the comment but it’s disappear on this page…what’s happen….???

  12. brian hurren Says:

    does anyone know where i can find a list of compatible gps devices for e63. are there any eith tilt sensores?

  13. Anthony Gillespie Says:

    Garmin XT works with E63 but you need a bluetooth GPS receiver to use it.

  14. williamyo Says:

    my brother have a e63 and at first we all thought it don’t have a gps but my brother can use it. when u use gps beside u uneed to have a wifi and a phone that have biuetooth.if u don’t have a phone that have bluetooth is ok but the gps will cant tell u where u r.

  15. erdhee Says:

    i use this e63 about 2 months ago. And at first time i use this phone, my gps workin nicely in my phone (without bluetooth gps receiver). Cause in nokia e63 have a network gps.. But it’ll take a long time to get your position..
    But someday when i found something error on my device, i try to hard reset this phone and badly, now my gps cant workin anymore.. I dont know why.. I tried to find any article to solve my problem (using network gps e63) but i cant find anything to solve my problem.. If you have a same problem with me, you can share how to make this network gps going to normal again to me by send email to me..
    Thanks alot guys..
    Have a nice day with your e63.. Its the best smartphone ever (with a cheap price too).. Haha..


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