new tacky Garmin nuvi’s

Garmin is trying to get some attention from the opposite sex by covering a few of their nuvi’s with fake diamonds and glitter. Called ‘light rose’ and ‘black diamond’ these two new tacky nuvi’s are offered on nuvi 250 and nuvi 760.

It’s not all that bad though. They also showcased a few different colors which you wouldn’t be ashamed to purchase. These are the new Blue, White, and Red Editions…via

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  1. Garmin Has Style Lapse: Releases Faux-Diamond Enhanced Nuvi GPSs [Glittering Gps] Says:

    […] w­ere they thinking­?” c­ateg­o­ry. [Avin­g v­ia Nav­ig­adg­et] galler­y­Pos­t(’gar­m­i­n­s­ty­le’, 3, […]

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  4. Garmin Has Style Lapse: Releases Faux-Diamond Enhanced Nuvi GPSs | Gadgetorium! Says:

    […] Garmin’s had a tiny stylistic brain-fart with some new Nuvi GPSs. Imagine a cheesy glimmering gadget suckered-on to your windshield, sending glittering—and distracting—shafts of light into your car… that’s kind of what you’ve got in the “light rose” and “black diamond” editions of the Nuvi 250 and 760. They’re covered in colored faux-diamonds. Yuck. The red, white and blue editions (also new) we can appreciate. But in a few years, in a look back at recent gadget history, crystal-covered GPS units will be consigned to the “what the hell were they thinking?” category. [Aving via Navigadget] […]

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    How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie :(

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