suunto X10 is out

We haven’t been talking too much about GPS enabled wrist watches lately but worry no more for Suunto recently announced the successor to their highly popular X9i.

The Suunto X10 has upgraded GPS performance, which locates your position even faster than the X9i. The improved GPS also tracks better in difficult conditions, such as heavy foliage, for more reliable readings when you need it most. Unlike bulkier, hand-held GPS units, the Suunto X10 is hands-free, so you can focus on the action instead of worrying about dropping or losing your GPS when the going gets tough. The Suunto X10 also records waypoints and routes, allowing users to analyze and catalog trips on a home PC.

The Suunto X10 includes an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, and an extensive memory, as well as the usual time/stopwatch functions.

When you are navigating with the Suunto X10 on a preplanned route it can show you the direction you need to head and the estimated time of arrival. There is of course the obvious ‘find home’ preset which can lead the user back to the start point or marked ‘Home’. In addition you can also ‘track back’ function which can guide you back along any recorded route.

Suunto X10 offers a battery life that is 33% longer than that of X9i and it has its own USB charger which can also be used to transfer data.

It will be available in two colors.

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  6. Kareem Says:

    Wow, what a great watch! Simple design but extremely functional — isn’t that how everything in life should be? I have been in the market for a sporty casual watch for some time now and this definitely crushes the Swiss Army, Timex Nike and Casio watches I have researching! Fingers-crossed

  7. Jake Says:

    I’m a serious outdoors person. I hike, boat, 4×4, and dirt bike. I need a gadget that I can take easily with me to help me navigate, and I need something that tells me what’s going on with the weather (barometer). An interesting feature that I haven’t had the chance to use on any device is taking the tracks and looking at them on mapping software, such as Google Earth. This sounds like a good idea because sometimes when I go out 4×5 or on the dirt, I have no idea where I’ve been in relationship to everything else. I’d like to try it out.

  8. Tips Photo Says:

    I love things that are simple but can be multifunctional at the same time. This is the kind of watch that I would use for that reason. I have never seen a GPS in a watch before but how wonderful to have it right there on your wrist with you all the time. Thanks for the post and wonderful new watch.

  9. indra setiawan w Says:

    Hello…i have Suunto X 10,but i cant functional it…
    my brother gave me this watch but i can use it…
    where i should ask bout GPS and everything in this watch…

  10. James Says:

    can anyone tell me where i can buy this thing in Australia this website is useless it doesnt tell you anything about where to purchase the damn thing

  11. shah Says:

    Gps on watch a good way to track how far you have go and how many calories have you burn. Suunto X10 is one of them…I like this gps function and other function on this watch. Cheers

  12. Somchai Says:

    Buy cheap and low price Casio watches online store. Casio sells watches of all types.

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