Alpine PND-K3

Alpine is expanding their navigation system lineup; this time with PND-K3 which we had mentioned back in January.

PND-K3 is now official and has an MSRP of $550. For this price you get a 4.3″ touch screen with 480 x 272 resolution, maps of all U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, 6 million POIs, text-to-speech which pronounces street names, and bluetooth to pair up with your cell phone.

As far as locating your position PND-K3 is quite advanced. It uses three different inputs: 1: the satellites. 2: gyro technology to sense the vehicle’s direction and 3: accelerometer technology to measure vehicle’s speed.

Alpine PND-K3 has 4GB of internal but no video or image viewing capabilities. However it handles your MP3 and WMA files just fine. For more info visit Alpine USA.

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  1. Dustin Hamilton Says:

    How well does this device handle screen refreshing and does it seem ‘underpowered’ by the hardware? I remember the Alpine Blackbird which was plagued with issues of slow updates and consistently seemed as if the software was running on hardware barely able to keep up…

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  5. MValpreda Says:

    I wish it docked with the W205/W505.

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  9. Wayne Says:

    Just bought the PND-K3…got it for $368 at Brandsmart….really good unit….works perfectly……rock on!

    One question… though…does anyone know if they support:
    .gpx (GPS Exchange Format), .csv (for Garmin and Navman), .ov2 (for Tom Tom) or .kml (Google Earth)

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