gps navigation on htc touch diamond

GPS navigation software maker ALK just introduced CoPilot LIve 7, an exclusive edition for HTC Touch Diamond.

The software comes on a DVD which automatically transfers and installs maps and software to Touch Diamond. You don’t have to do much as far telling CoPilot how to talk to the GPS receiver since it automatically detects the phone’s built-in GPS receiver.

The display is apparently also modified for Touch Diamond and you can use the wheel to zoom in and out. It is currently out in Europe for £60 for UK and Ireland maps and £90 for maps of all of Europe.

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  5. Yvonne Says:

    Just to confirm will the HTC Touch Diamond GPS work something like GARMIN NUVI GPS, which means able to tell or speak out the direction like turn right or left while we are driving ? As if it able to do so, we can even save up the $ don’t need to buy GARMIN NUVI GPS. Hehehehe….
    As all the while, I’m thinking the HTC Touch Diamond GPS is just like downloading GOOGLE map to view without directing us the direction while we are driving. Please advise.

  6. Jeff Marquardt Says:

    It’s all about the software. Not the phone itself. Google maps is ok for directions but if your off track rerouting is a pain. Windows Live is better, with one touch rerouting. But neither tell you right or left or how far or anything, also there is no 3d view which is the best.
    I used odyssy mobile from infogation on my 8525 and that was the best GPS navigator I ever had!

  7. osama Says:

    nice, where is the link to download????

  8. michele Says:

    for off road navigation you can try azimutGPS

  9. marcan ioan Says:

    i don’t understand

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