Geosat 6 Drive Safe with alcohol sensor

After Portugese, now Italians have a GPS navigation system with a breathlyzer. This one is from AvMap and it is called Geosat 6 Drive Safe.

Thanks to Geosat 6 Drive Safe, drivers can now check their blood alcohol level before driving.

The new Geosat 6 Drive Safe comes with built-in sensor for alcohol test: this will allow the driver to decide whether they are sober enough to drive. Taking the test is very easy: select the alcohol tests button on the touch screen, get close to the sensor and blow to get the results immediately to see whether it is wise for you to be behind the wheel.

Expected to hit the market for € 450 in Italy this month, this GPS navigation system also has other features that could really make driving safer – such as the 4.8″ touch screen, bluetooth for taking hands free calls, and text-to-speech feature to avoid looking the GPS display… via

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