We just received our review unit from people at Dash and within the first few minutes we realized Dash Express is really an amazing device. In the days to come we’ll write numerous articles about our Dash…

Let’s get started with In the box you’ll find a card with your ‘dash device number’ (the same number is also on the back of your device).

Go to that URL and hit “join now”.

On the next screen enter your DDN and email address.

An email was sent to us immediately from which we entered the verification code.

Then we created our account. And we were ready.

Next screen wanted us to enter our home and work address.. We skipped this step since we were able to add those within the first 3 minutes of opening the box without reading a single line of instruction. It couldn’t have been easier. We actually found our work address using Yahoo Search.

Our impression of has been very good so far. Everything went smoothly and was really intuitive. did not ask for a credit card number for connected services which was also nice – we’re still in the 3 months free trial period of course.

Next time we’ll talk about Send2Car…

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  1. Joe Kim Says:

    Agree that the Dash is an amazing device. Having that constant internet connectivity is so convenient.


  2. javier Says:

    como puedi hacer mi cuenta

  3. how to dray pokemon Says:

    how to dray pokemon… — NaviGadget…

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