enkin for Android

Enkin is a new three dimensional navigation application that is competing at the Google Android Developer Challenge. It combines the use of GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, web services and a user interface into a navigation system for mobile devices.

It runs in 3 modes:

One of them is pretty much just like Google Maps. You can choose between satellite and street images, search for places, and even get driving directions.

The next mode is for distances in a 3D landscape textured with satellite images. Panning the device directs the virtual camera acting as a natural user interface.

The unique thing about Enkin is the “life mode”. It links to two previous modes with reality. In this mode your Android’s built-in camera annotates your placemarks as real objects on your screen.

In this demo version of their product developers utilize a USB camera, a USB compass with accelerometer, and a bluetooth GPS receiver.

A large part of the user interaction takes advantage of the orientation sensors. The screen adapts to whatever way you hold your device.

You MUST see the video:

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  1. Enkin quiere ser el software GPS definitivo para Android | Actualidad GPS Says:

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  2. TareX Says:

    Enkin is why I’m waiting for an Android phone (HTC Dream?). Seriously, I would have bought an WM6.1 device instead if I hadn’t seen the Enkin video.

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