nuvi 860

We have a shot of the nuvi 860‘s remote controller! Nuvi 860 is the European version of Nuvi 880 so we’re assuming the remote will look the same on nuvi 880, and nuvi 850.

nuvi 860‘s features include hands free bluetooth connectivity, voice guided directions, speech recognition which is activated via the remote controller, FM traffic receiver, FM transmitter for using your (European) car’s audio, and microSD card slot.

Nuvi 860 will be available in Europe starting in May for 600 €.

Also we have updated our huge table where you can compare nuvisvia

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  1. Norman Speight Says:

    Can I buy maps for the USA?
    How much UK?
    how do I get them into the device (i.e. connect it to a computer, on a memory card?
    Is ‘Live Traffic’ totally free of charge for life once the device is purchased?

    I don’t have the time to waste on silly questions that do not tell me what I want to know.
    I’ve sent this email for obvious reasons.
    I currently torn between Garmin and TomTom. will definitely purchase one or the other.

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