inforemer-hdx golf management system

Inforemer-HDX is a GPS enabled golf management system designed by GPS Industries, successor to Inforemer. We’ve talked about many other GPS systems for golfers but this one seems to have the most features coupled with advertisements targeting the wealthy who spend their days golfing.

Inforemer-HDX combines GPS and wireless technology with powerful golf course management applications; designed for golf course operators.

Inforemer-HDX uses Windows and runs with open platform software. It uses Intel Strong Arm RISC Micro-controller and features Wi-Fi High-speed Wireless Network and Internet Protocols which lets their users fast access to rich online content and establish the golf course as a wireless Hot Spot.

The device also does two-way messaging to improve communications between players and the clubhouse. The GPS is also not any GPS but something called “Differential GPS” for more precise distance measurements.

To appear at your high end golf course soon…

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  3. Norleen Says:

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  7. Sebastian Magrian Says:

    Hello My name is Sebastian iam CEO of Sierra Golf Club in Poland and i would like to get a offer for 36 GPS system for our club cars

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