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With its classic design, Mio today displayed its new range of navigators called Mio Moov at CeBIT in Germany. These are the first products to hit the market after the merge of Mio and Navman, and the result is a range of five GPS navigation systems for automobiles.

Aside from the design and some new specifications, the main new feature of these navigators is that they come accompanied with a pack of contents and services called MioMore, that among other things allows local searches of points of interest with the Local technology Search. Also you can take and later look at these POIs on the computer thanks to Mio’s software for PCs, and modify and download them back to the navigator.

Another new feature on the Mio Moov is in the hardware. They use the new InstantFixII from SIRF which tries to make a smart guess about the positions of the satellites to cut a few seconds from the time-to-first-fix.

The new Moov’s which come with Teleatlas maps are:

Moov 330 Regional and Moov 330 Europe

With prices of 180 and 230 Euros respectively, both models only are different in the maps they offer; regional or of all Europe. Their common features are:

  • 4.3″ screen
  • Radar alert
  • NavPix, navigation through photos
  • Built-in speedometers

Moov 370 Europe

Also with a 4.3″ and a price of 280 Euros, this one offers:

  • Life time subscription traffic information
  • Hands free bluetooth
  • 3D data maps such as in MioMap 2008
  • Radar alert
  • NavPix, navigation through photos
  • Built-in speedometers

Moov 200 Regional and Moov 200 Europe

Both these models have SiRF InstantFixII technology, like their companions, come with 3.5″ touc screen, and have prices of 150 and 180 Euros, based on the maps that you choose.

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  4. samuel Says:

    One step back.
    They will lose significant market share with this “new” ugly sw. Especialy in the US market.

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  14. romi itzhak Says:

    Well i baughht one Mio Moov 330 and i am very dissapointed i can not use Radars cann not use info MIO Online Conect cant use Bluetooth its all not serius /allmost a Joke Middle of Zürich no name of streets EDUARD IMHOF STR 8 oERLIKON / Dielsdorf on my Target the mio moove send me to 39 km .away
    One big Flop no Telephone to call free of charge to update Maps
    i live in switzerland But am an Israeli and moving in Europe way cant i use radars or update POIs.

  15. PiodietPladay Says:

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