Nokia Maps 2.0

nokia-maps-2.jpgNokia – in addition to all the A-GPS capable phones – also introduced Nokia Maps 2.0 which is currently in beta. What this brings is a feature called “walk” which can help you find your way when you are on foot.

Currently the beta offers satellite maps of 200 cities worldwide which are downloaded over the air and saved locally. Also 3D capabilities have improved.

“Walk” is included in the navigation license for car navigation but can also be purchased separately. If you have already purchased car navigation with older Maps version, you will now get “Walk” free of charge.

It should work well with the new Nokia 6210 Navigator which has an internal accelerometer to keep the orientation of the map correct depending on the direction you’re facing.

Make sure you read the comments before you try installing this.

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  1. Tertius Says:

    I like the application and the nokia ld-4w receiver. But what will the receiver cost me in south africa. I have nokia N73 with nokia maps downloaded.

  2. News Zone » Blog Archive » Nokia E71 Says:

    […] than likely Nokia E71 will use Nokia Maps 2.0 as well and if you pay your fees you can also get turn-by-turn directions, download city guides […]

  3. Diabo Says:

    The bad news: Nokia Map Loader is a royal pain in the behind. It requires you to install loads of stuff, only works on windows, and adding new maps means that you have to download the maps you already had all over again.

    The good news: you don’t need Nokia’s maploader-from-hell:

    Works on any operating system with any browser, and you don’t need to install anything. Now you can finally add maps on locked-down computers like at work, in school, internet cafes, or straight from your phones built-in browser.

  4. alex Says:


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