Jobo GPS photo tagging

German Jobo was displaying this hot shoe clip-on device called Photo GPS for adding location information to your photos. The device works separately from your camera after it gets a satellite fix. The matching and merging happens once you are back on your computer.

You need to download the images to your computer and also the data off of the Photo GPS using the mini-USB port. The software matches the location with the photos using the timestamp and then edits the EXIF data accordingly.

You can pick one up for $160 before the 3rd quarter of this year… via

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  1. ecobore Says:

    I really want one of these to tag my pro shots, but I can’t see any point on it’s sitting on the hotshoe of the camera, just makes it heavier. It might as well sit clipped to my camera strap.

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  4. Haring Says:

    Ecobore: According to PMA message: Each time the camera takes a picture JOBO’s photoGPS will capture GPS time and location information and store this in its own internal memory. After the picture is taken photoGPS goes in a deep sleep mode, consuming almost no energy. It is the camera’s flash synchronization mechanism that quickly awakens photoGPS. Under normal working conditions GPS data is captured only a few seconds after shutter release. If a second picture is taken within 15 minutes, GPS capture is instantaneous.
    So it won’t record locations all the time. You can live without it, but it’s a nice feature.|3758

  5. wiltonw Says:

    A connection to the PC terminal of the camera, with the Jobo in a PC-to-hotshoe adapter, would solve the issue of using a flash while using the Jobo.

    The GPS position record only at time of a photo makes tons more sense than the units which record position only every 15 minutes, or every second…there is always the ambiguity of camera position and time not in precise agreement with GPS satellite, vs. the GPS log entry and trying to sync them up!

  6. Henk Says:

    Careful if you buy this one, the hot shoe doesn’t fit Sony Alpha cameras and doesn’t come with an adapter, rendering this useless.

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