mio’s GPS phone does 2 way traffic updates

The two sided GPS phone from Mio which we spotted at CES 2008 earlier this month is apparently into two way traffic updates just like Dash – but probably not in the near future since it was only a prototype device even without a model name or number. Engadget reports that the new Mio GPS / phone will use Qualcomm’s QST1100 chipset.

Mio’s new connected PNDs will be based on the QST1100 chipset from Qualcomm, the first solution to integrate application processing, GPS and cellular connectivity for ubiquitous connectivity and sleeker form-factors. The QST1100 chipset leverages Qualcomm’s gpsOne technology for unsurpassed GPS performance. The fully integrated gpsOne solution supports numerous modes of operation – including Assisted-GPS, Standalone-GPS and gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology for enhanced Standalone-GPS performance – and is the most widely deployed position-location solution in the world.

Mio has been doing good in the GPS navigation market. We’ll see if they can combine the power of GSM networks into their GPS device seamlessly… via

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  1. Mio Lovebird « Navbase’s Weblog Says:

    […] Mio’s GPS phone which we talked about back at CES 2008 looks like has an official name: Lovebird. We caught a glimpse of this one side GPS navigation, other side phone device at MSMobiles which reports that Mio Lovebird will be coming with the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional according to specs revealed at CTIA 2008. […]

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    mio’s GPS phone does 2 way traffic updates

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    классный gps

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