HP iPAQ 310; best display, bad software

HP iPAQ 310 also got a review recently. As we expected the iPAQ 310 has the best screen out there for a GPS navigation device which is super bright and has 800×480 pixel resolution. It is also very impressive in terms processor power – how about a 600MHz dual-core CPU?

But the software… It seems to be lacking in every department. Here is a small excerpt:

We also had an issue with not being able to cancel navigation. Typically when you are navigating to a destination, and you navigate away from the screen giving you directions it’ll ask you if you want to cancel the route planning, but that is not the case with the 310; it keeps navigating, no matter what. In fact, if you choose a route and then decided to just cancel, it won’t, even if you go back to the home page. From there, pressing the “map” button takes you back to the route you were previously navigating. One time we even turned it off because we were tired of hearing it tell us to turn here and go there, and it magically turned itself back on a few minutes later to tell us to make a turn. It’s literally like the Terminator as far as navigation goes.

And there is more like this in the review. It seems like it would be wise to wait for a second generation iPAQ 310 which hopefully will be more user friendly. Currently iPAQ 310 sells for $320 on Amazon.

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  1. Steve Cary Says:

    I had one for a week, then returned it. It would also freeze up while navigating, it would display the city or street name twice on the screen, i.e. 1414 jones street, fort worth, fort worth, tx. It would also change the map type on its own, whether navigating or not. One minute is would be on 3D, then suddenly change to 2D and zoom way out, then go to 2D North up, etc.

  2. HP iPaq 310 GPS looks cool, software apparently garbage though - SlashGear Says:

    […] [via navigadget] […]

  3. Daniel T Says:

    I don’t have this kind of serious problems with my ipaq 310. Probably I have already a newer version of the software. Sometimes it’s a bit slow, but the screen is very nice. I also like the features like multipoint route planning and optimization. This features are still missing from most of the nuvis.

  4. Eric Gonzalez Says:

    I just but one of this unit and there are some issue with the navigation, no update yet. But there are some issue you can fix your self for example cancell the navigation. You must go to the route then click route detail and deleted. The other issue is with the volume yea i think it sucks, but i use the navigation close to my eyes level (i hang the unit at the left side of my windshield) I have been using amy as a talker and it sound very low. but she does get lost her self recaculating the trip, Dave as no problem recaculating but his voice is not understanding, also the spanish language is very loud and recaculate faster. I hope this can help a little. I hope HP get a new software because the unit is awsome.

  5. Mike Avelar Says:

    Just got one of these the other day, the hardware is fine, pretty powerful for what you pay. The Windows Mobile 5.0 runs just like it should… ;) But the bloody maps are out of date, possibly by 6 years for Canada??? I need updated maps! TeleAtlas doesn’t even have North America listed on their web site, it’s all European maps… which will be great when I go back home to Portugal… but they don’t deliever to Canada… I’ve sent an email to their NA office, or PR person… hope I get something.

  6. infama Says:

    To cancel route, press the scroll wheel on the right to bring up that option.

    TeleAtlas does not sell anything to end users. Their site does indeed have a North America map for checking addressing and reporting errors.

    The map is not 6 years out of date, it is the July 2007 release.

    The street name issues in Ontario are not as bad as reported.

  7. Mort Says:

    My experience with HP and the iPAQ 310 is worst than horrible. At first, the HP system did not allow me to register the unit. Tech support was helpless, HP’s ‘live chat’ explained that that the ‘system is down’ which appeared to be just an excuse. Over 30 hours later the HP system did not allow me to register. The worst part was accuracy. The unit gave me a street address which was approximately 1000 feet from the actual location and a zip code several miles away, completely wrong navigation data. When connected to the computer, and I started the Content Manager program, the unit froze and the only way out was to disconnect from the computer and turn it OFF. Access to tech support is difficult at best. The maze of computer menus is lousy, none of the options are related to the iPAQ. Finally, I sent the unit back to HP for repair. The best place for this unit is the trash and HP is extremely slow to fix the probem.

  8. patruns Says:

    You would think before someone writes a review they would learn how to use the unit. A better title would have been “Best Display, User Unfriendly”. I have had this unit since 4/08 and it has been great, but it requires a thorough read of the manual and some practice. Customer support has been nothing short of fantastic. When the on-line support couldn’t help me they sent me a box via DHL and I sent it back. I received my unit back within 5 days in total…..FREE. The support phone menu does leave a lot to be desired but once you realize HP calls this a handheld unit you will find your way to the proper customer support department. I have tried many other units and am quite happy with this one. I hope HP continues in the GPS market. They are certainly well ahead in the technology area.

  9. RobertM Says:

    I purchased the IPAQ 310 4 months ago through a special discount for HP Employees, yes I am one and I have to say it is a terrific unit minus the problems with the crummy Content Manager, OMG! talk about slow response. I have tried installing the most current ver. and still so slow it is really strange. If they could upgrade the Content Manager, I would be a happy camper. One more note: in the first week I started using the 310 it was so messed up I sent it back for repair. Back it came and would not boot to the GUI. Sent it back and this time it seemed to work better but was a little slow on the response when using it. I plugged it into my USB port and defragged the drive. WOW! What a difference it made in the response time on the unit. Now if HP would just push for a new version Content Manager………..

  10. Tori Muramoto Says:

    This was an interesting read, I’m forever on the watch for good articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll keep in touch!

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