intellitrac X1 vehicle tracking

Intellitrac’s X1 is a water proof GPS tracking system with 12 channels. Offered by Systech of Taiwan, X1 offers real time GPS / GSM tracking as well as journey logging, geofencing control, and remote controlling.

It has a backup battery which lasts more than 3 days in case its connection to the car battery is interrupted. Other sneaky features of this device include voice wiretapping into the conversations in your vehicle, tow alarm, and even mileage report.

Intellitrac X1 measures 90x66x30mm and only weighs 130g. When U.S. distributor picks this real time GPS tracking system we’ll be the first to let you know.

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  3. gary frost Says:

    own and run training facility for youth using simulators.

    An offer of a tracking tools for parents might be of great interrest to parents.

    cost and availability …?

    let me know

    gary …….thanks

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  6. Kim Lyman Says:

    I want to buy this Inellitrac X1 Time to catch the cheaters!

  7. Move your mind » Saber adónde va tu coche Says:

    […] Además de trabajar de grabadora, el Intellitrac X1 registra todos los viajes que se realicen, sin importar la distancia o el tiempo recorridos. Puede estar hasta tres días sin ser recargado. Vía Navigadget […]

  8. GPS Tracking Says:

    Gary – There’s the GPS tracking key available through Landairsea Systems which is ideal for teen tracking. Its available to various GPS dealers. I believe its currently on sale.

  9. pit Says:

    is there any stealth gps tracker for expensive mountain bikes?

  10. Vehcile Tracking Solutions Says:

    GSP tracking has become very popular wid call centre cabs for fleet management.

  11. GPS Tracker Says:

    The best gps tracker I have found is one called the Smart Tracker. It’s a live tracking device that allows you to use it when you want. You only pay-per-ping, so it’s very cost effective. The company that sells it is Rocky Mountain Tracking.

  12. Tom Says:

    Free software for Intellitrac

  13. toulouse70 Says:

    The intellitrac X1 is available in the US at

  14. telecom book Says:

    good information, please put that price in here.

  15. Jorge Says:

    i just wanna know if this device can work like others that response you a text mesage to your cellphone with the locate of the vehicle (coordenates), just making a call to the SIM number (or cel number) of the GPS. if this device can do that…y like to buy some ones…
    thank you…

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