bluetooth gps receiver with a smart design

It looks like this SiRF Star III bluetooth GPS receiver and data logger is coming to U.S. pretty soon now that it has cleared FCC.

bluetooth-car-adapter.jpgManufactured by NaviSys, GR-312 bluetooth GPS receiver has a smart design. It is made up of two parts, the actual GPS receiver and the bluetooth antenna inside the small USB stick on the right, and the bulkier power source on the left. So, if you need to use this with a laptop you can just use the USB stick. Say you’re in your car with no laptop or the battery. In this case you can use the provided car adapter which connects the USB stick directly to the power source.

bluetooth-gps-battery.jpgAnd when you are on the go, say hiking or just using this with a smartphone outside the car just put the USB stick into its housing on the power source and you’re set. Why couldn’t others think of this before?

This device is not only for providing GPS data to other gadgets. It can also act as a standalone GPS logger. The software provided with GR-312 can supply your waypoints in the popular KML format – ready to be viewed on Google Earth.

We have no info on pricing or availability yet.

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