Live Maps ready for sending addresses to your GPS

Garmin introduced a new service at CES 2008 called 2nd Generation MSN Direct network that is available on the new nuvi 880 and nuvi 780.

send-gps-msn.gifThis 2nd Generation MSN Direct is nothing but Spot, that was introduced by Bill Gates 5 years ago. It never became popular since its release but it looks like they’re making a few deals with names like Garmin (and Pioneer, Alpine, etc) to utilize their network which relies on FM radio broadcast channels in U.S. and Canada.

What’s really cool about the service is that this will allow you to send a location to your nuvi 880 or nuvi 780 from Live Search Maps without cables or internet – as long as you’re in the area covered by the FM transmission. Not only an address but you can even plan a vacation by making a collection of places you want to visit.

msn-receiver.jpgOf course everything comes with a price. MSN Direct service will cost you $50/year or $130 per lifetime of your device. And one more thing – the MSN Direct receiver is not embedded into the device but is embedded in the car charger. So you’ll need it to be plugged in if you want to receive addresses.

3 Responses to “Live Maps ready for sending addresses to your GPS”

  1. ecobore Says:

    Let me see… Pay Mserf $50 a year for an FM service and use a Garmin or pay nothing at all and use the superior Google maps with my TomTom (which will no doubt let me plan and transfer routes as well in the near future!) Which one do I choose, oh that’s SUCH a hard decision!!!! ;-)

  2. Joe Says:

    Actually it doesn’t need to be plugged to get the points because the MSN Direct receiver has it’s own rechargeable battery that will last several days. It recharges when you drive the car.

  3. carlosbaez Says:


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