Transystem of Taiwan was displaying a new personal GPS tracker at CES 2008. The new GPS tracking device is called i-Tracker and looks slightly more appealing than a black rectangular box shape that we’re used to.

gps-tracking.jpgi-Tracker includes both GPS and GSM modules and it can transmit location information to your PC or to a pre-assigned number via GPRS (read: real time tracking).

i-Tracker supports quad bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and can remotely be controlled with a predetermined cell phone and/or an internet connection. It features a SOS button that sends out the location info immediately and can last up to 120 hours with its 1600mAh Li-Ion battery.

No word on the type of the GPS receiver used but it has -158dBm tracking sensitivity.

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  1. Transystem’s i-Tracker keeps tabs on whatever you’d like | Gadget & Technology News Says:

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  2. Transystem’s i-Tracker keeps tabs on whatever you’d like | Gadget & Tech News Says:

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  3. Transystem’s i-Tracker keeps tabs on whatever you’d like Says:

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  4. Trucker Tech Says:

    Transystem i-Tracker…

    Just in case you haven’t already read a blurb about the Transystem i-Tracker at NaviGadget or EnGadget I thought I’d post a blurb of my own. I’d like to post more than a blurb but, since the yet to be…

  5. Compo Says:

    A nice gadget let down by yet another company jumping on the ‘lets follow what Apple did and see if it helps us sell more’.

    What do I mean ? This incessant and seemingly inherent need for electronic companies to give their gadgets a name with the ‘I-‘ in front.

    It was enough with I-Pod and I-Phone. Now it seems every other gadget is I-something. Theres even a beard trimmer by Babyliss called an I-Trim.
    Enough please. Its already a tired cliche. Get original or at least get your own naming method.

    What next, an I-Vibe for women and maybe we`ll be all using cars called I-Drive eh ? Pah!

    The name alone would put me off cos it just screams ‘jumping on the bandwagon’

  6. Noel Says:

    Wow dude, chill out and just enjoy the technology. Geez, its not like this is some high school clique or something, its good technology with a common name. Its like punk rock people that hate good charlotte because they went mainstream, like your not gonna be looked at as a hardcore techie because you like something that has a mainstream name, get over it…lol its so stupid.

  7. Compo Says:

    Firstly don’t call me ‘dude’, second I am ‘chilled out’ as you put it. Thirdly, I do indeed enjoy the techology, I just have a pet peeve with this “I-” naming trend. Can’t I have that ? Is it not allowed ? Or if I do have that pet peeve, am I not allowed to mention it ?
    Finally I hardly think that how I`ll be seen will depend on whether I like the name or not. I don’t really care about that one way or the other.
    You refer to it as a mainstream name and its not. Its a branding method adopted by Apple who then went on to sell a lot of those crappy mp3 players and other companies are latching onto the naming method maybe because they think that through some sub-conscious word association the gullible general public will be more likely to be interested in the product.
    I know its only a marketing technique that might rake them in more $$$ and good luck to them. I find it all very drole and lazy.
    I believe even the law enforcement has a bomb disarming device now called the I-Robot. Jeez.

    Just imagine the nerdy line you can come up with..”ooh, better turn off my I-Pod as my I-Phone is ringing. Aah its the postal company letting me know my I-Tracker has arrived. I-better go pick it up.”

    Let me have my rant ‘dude’ you don’t need to judge me on it. Its simply one of those things that grate on me and I had to let it out.

  8. sam Says:

    haha dude definitely needs to take a chill pill

  9. Compo Says:

    chill pill – another tired worn out American phrase.
    I don’t wanna chill dude cos like I’m like fine as I am, so… y’know… whatever dude.
    hehe. gotta love those American warmongers and their funny words.

    well like don’t worry n’that cos like I’ve got it off my chest now like and like I’m like chilled, ok ?

    Now you have yourselves a lotta I-Fun now y’hear ?

  10. Compo Says:

    Guys I’m just having fun with ya. :)

    Im sure the I-Tracker is a brilliant device, it sure looks it.
    I just needed a little I-Rant. :) Sorry if I got too far off topic.

  11. Comp is retarded Says:

    Wow I never post comments on websites but Compo you just make me want to reach across the internet and beat the living crap out of your smart ass comments. Seriously “dude” STFU.

  12. Kees Says:

    Wow another cool device. I will add it to the list of supported GPS2WEB devices on my web site. Live tracking is cool!

  13. Compo Says:

    Comp ? Its Compo dude, not Comp.

    Idle threat there too which I seriously doubt you could live up to face to face.
    BTW thanks for the ‘smart ass’ comment. I would take it as a compliment but compared to your level of intelligence I would think ‘smart’ encompasses pretty much anything above neanderthal.
    Take care now all y’all

  14. Orville Says:

    I would like to start a security company using GPS trackers… I would like to have some information…

  15. cintia Says:

    how can I have more infoirmation about this Tracke??


  16. uk internet marketing Says:

    1:29 his arm is at his side again

  17. i-Tracker — NaviGadget « Site Super Tracker Says:

    […] Today found this great post, here is a quick excerpt : Transystem of Taiwan was displaying a new personal GPS tracker at CES 2008. The new GPS tracking device is called i-Tracker and looks slightly more appealing than a black rectangular box shape that we’re used to. Read the rest of this great post Here […]

  18. Bella Says:

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