Forerunner 405

Garmin today announced a GPS watch that actually is the size of a watch. Called Forerunner 405 this GPS watch is really not that bad looking meaning you can almost wear all day every day – something impossible to do with the older 305 and 205.

Expected to cost about $300, the Forerunner 405 can track your speed, distance, heart rate and location. The new user interface is a touch bezel on the face of the watch which makes navigating the menus easier. The bezel responds to tapping, holding or running a finger along it.

Like previous models Forerunner 405 also features the Virtual Partner whose pace you can adjust as you wish – which may defeat the purpose of a challenge for some people.

The watch itself does not come with a heart rate monitor but supports it, in addition to an optional speed/cadence bike sensor which can help cyclists monitor their pedaling cadence and wheel speed.

Another nice feature of Forerunner 405 is the connectivity:

Using ANT+Sport technology, the Forerunner 405 sends workout data to the user’s computer via automatic wireless data transfer… the computer automatically syncs with the Forerunner 405 as soon as the user enters the room… Runners, joggers, cyclists and hikers can send courses, goals and workouts to their Forerunner 405 before they begin, and then the data gets sent back to the user’s computer when the workout is over. Athletes can log their workouts, track their totals, set goals, share workouts with coaches, friends and family and participate in an online fitness community at Garmin’s online training site at

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  1. technabob Says:

    garmin forerunner 405 gps watch really looks like a watch…

    While there have been several past attempts to create wrist-worn GPS sport devices, up until now they’ve been quite bulky and certainly wouldn’t pass as an ordinary wristwatch. Enter Garmin’s forthcoming Forerunner 405, a GPS-enabled …

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  4. Norton Says:


    Battery life goes from 10 hours on the 305 to 8 hours on the 405.

    Could be deal killer.

  5. cold willy Says:

    wonder how that bezel will work in cold weather?

  6. panos dimitrelos Says:

    what about the price ???
    and what if i want to make long distance run like a super-marathon for abhout 110klms??will the battary last???????????????

  7. cold willy Says:

    battery life is good on current models

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  9. Russell Says:

    Why upgrade just because it looks good enough to wear all day everyday if the battery is going to die half way through everyday?

  10. José Augusto Says:

    The features of Forerunner 305 are better than Forerunner 405.The only improvement was in the design.I suggest for the next model to include a password (robbery protection) that is request as soon as it turns on.It will protect against robbery.

  11. Fred Says:

    So….., It will download wirelessly, but you will still have to hook it up to recharge it every 8 hours. Why bother with the wireless?

  12. Charlie Says:

    When you have it in GPS mode the battery will only last 8 hours. I read someplace else that it will do fine functioning as a normal watch for up to two weeks.

  13. Vinod Says:

    If i want to make long distance run like a super-marathon will the battary last?

  14. Fred Says:

    As long as you can run the super-marathon in 8 hours.

  15. sp00ky Says:

    I have run 30+ ultra marathons, from 8 to 40 hours, 30 to 150 miles. If you get to this level of fitness or are actually running a race, you have no need for GPS&HRM, nor do you want the extra weight. I have the 305, the Edge 205, the Polar s625x, and they are a great tool for training, but for racing at ultra marathon levels, you will not need it. if you are worried about your heart rate during an ultra, you are not prepared to run over 26.2 miles anyway.

  16. spOOky is full of it Says:

    spOOky, give me a break mr “Ultra marathoner.” We’re talking about the watch, not your “better than everyone else” achievements. By the way, do you run naked? Wouldn’t want all that extra weight.

    As for the 8 hours, that’s with the GPS turned on. Otherwise, the battery will last well over two weeks without recharging. The watch is designed for real runners who are racing or training. If you plan on taking it along for a weekend of camping, don’t plan on using the gps feature unless you have a way to recharge the watch.

    The battery is a lithium ion, and will not need to be replaced for multiple years. If it should need replacing, it will have to be sent in to Garmin repairs.

    You can find all of this information on the garmin FAQ page.


  17. spOOky is full of it Says:

    By the way spOOky, lots of professional runners, and even more amateur runners, have considerably improved their race times by wearing a heart-rate monitor. It provides better feedback on how hard one’s body is working than any somatic sense. It’s pretty much universally considered one of the best tools to assist in training, and even in the race when not prohibited.

    Can’t believe how full of it you are…

  18. passionrunner Says:

    any idea when i can get my hands on tis watch?

  19. CraZyLegZ Says:

    It will be released to the public on June 8th. BTW, does anyone know why when I changed the battery on my polar 625, it now goes blank periodically and what can be done about this?????

  20. Eric in Dallas Says:

    The watch is available now.. I got it through – (hint – if you sign up for their email list you get a 15% coupon AND if you have it shipped to your local dealer, shipping is free) Mine cost $254 plus tax for the $299 model.

    The watch is AMAZING. Instantly tells you your pace, distance, total time.. you can set it to run with a virtual partner (little runner icons, showing you if youre ahead or behind your target). Even has a function where you can set your start location and have it compass-guide you back to the start!

    When youre done running, you put the watch near your computer and it uploads all the data to a Garmin program called The Training Center, where you have graphical analyses of your workout, as well as a map of where you ran!

    It picked up satellites instantly. It’s essentially a thicker version of an ordinary running watch. I wouldnt wear it for anything other than running, but it’s 10000x more attractive and sleek than its predecessors.

    Best running watch ever.

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  23. Joseph Says:

    What is the different between the 349$ model and the 299$ model?

  24. Dave Says:

    The difference – one comes with the HRM’s required equipment. The other doesn’t. So, if you already have another Garmin HRM, you can save the $50 and just get the watch. Otherwise, with the $299, you only get a GPS watch (and no HRM – until you buy the ad-on gear). Likewise, there’s the GSC 10 which will add cadence for all you bikers out there!

  25. Joseph Says:

    Thank’s Dave!

  26. Chris Says:

    I went to REI to try this on today and guess what, it too small for my wrist. Im gutted!!!. Im a large frame 6ft 4 inch runner so not you standard runner type. I wore the green version, is the black bigger by any chance?

  27. Spooky is full of it is FULL of it Says:

    Spooky is full of it… I don’t think Spooky was trying to say we don’t need an HRM… I think he was trying to point out that 8 hours of life should be adequate for most users because once you are running races that last 8+ hours you probably don’t need it during those long races…

    I can’t wait to get mine. I ordered the 305 and the 405. I am going to try them both, and whichever I like least I am going to give to my wife :)

  28. HTS Says:

    I just ordered a 405… my first gps watch. I’m exicited to try it out and think it’s going to really help me in races and training.
    Does anyone know how accurate the pace function is? … i.e. does it give you feedback on your pace as you’re running, or is it just averaging it out over time?

  29. Havid Chang Says:

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    I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you write about this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  31. GPS KIDS Says:

    are the software compatible with mac os?? what is the maximum depth in which this GPS watch performs properly??

  32. 3foxdan Says:

    The battery life is at 8 hours, WHILE RUNNING it… that means if you are wearing it running for a consistent 8 hours. It will last for a couple days if it is in the power save mode and you don’t use it for anything else.

  33. 3foxdan Says:

    A couple weeks I mean

  34. dogbear Says:

    First of all, Spooky: you’re fine. Don’t mind that abusive retard. You obviously said something that touched a nerve in his feeble thought patterns.
    Anyway, my review of the Forerunner 405 is that it’s great. I’m still a newbie at running. I’ve been running for 3 months (former couch potato) and I’ve had the 405 for about two weeks now. I must say that I’ve fallen in love with running. And I love the watch. Yes, the battery life is short but that doesn’t concern me. It has helped me so much with my pace, run distance, heart-rate, everything I need to begin improving my performance. My colleague has the Forerunner 305 and it has pretty much everything the 405 has. The 405 just looks better. Maybe it’s worth holding on to the 305?
    The GPS capabilities is pretty accurate. It doesn’t like quick turn-arounds and elevation readings are sometimes silly, but for the most-part it can tell me which side of the street I was on. That’s enough for me.
    The 405’s wireless might seem unnecessary but it’s great when you’re tired after a run and all you have to do is place the watch around 5 meters to the computer. You don’t have to plug anything in and it’s on the screen before you even sit down.
    The touch bezel is cool, less fidgety than buttons on the 305.
    In conclusion, I would recommend the 405. See you on the trail!

  35. GPS 405 Says:

    Hey I found your site to be very informative about garmin-forerunner405cx which in my case is my great hobby.

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