GPS on Kindle

Oh yeah. You can get a location fix on your Amazon Kindle. This is not done by using GPS satellites the traditional way but with the help of cellular networks. So there’s no integrated GPS receiver in the Kindle but there is a DTEV-Dual module by AnyData which uses CDMA technology by Qualcomm. kindle-gps-02.jpgDTEV-Dual (pdf) has support for gpsOne, a technology developed by Qualcomm that allows for accurate, widely available position-location technology to be used on mobile devices.

gpsOne creates a synergistic relationship between wireless networks and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to create a precise positioning service that is available even in traditionally “invisible” areas.

Amazon’s Kindle uses Sprint’s network which was the first telecommunications company to use gpsOne technology which currently is utilized by many Sprint phones and as known as A-GPS. So that’s how Amazon Kindle knows where you are…

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  1. Johnathan Gretz Says:

    Hopefully amazon will release this thing in europe soon.. Can’t wait to get my hands on a somewhat decent e-Reader!
    The Sony eReader is not available in europe too :(

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