garmin nuvi cases from speck: giveaway

Now that you’ve opened your presents and saw that you were loved enough to receive a Garmin take a moment to leave a comment below and subscribe to our feed to win a ToughSkin case from Speck.

We’re giving away two Garmin Nuvi cases from Speck. They’ll fit on the Nuvi 200, 250, 260, and 270. One of them is black, the other is white.

To win all you need to do leave a comment below and of course fill-in your email address so we can reach you. Double entries will be disqualified. That includes IP addresses too.

We’ll close this post for comments one week from today. Good luck.

UPDATE: Commenter #6 and #24 are our winners (dannyka and Timothy Selig). We’ll get in touch with you very soon.

32 Responses to “garmin nuvi cases from speck: giveaway”

  1. 2bithacker Says:

    This would be awesome if my nuvi 250W actually worked. Received it as an Xmas gift. When I turn it on, it just says it has no maps and can’t do anything without them. Garmin’s support site seems really broken, trying to load pages from internal IP addresses or hostnames that don’t exist. It’s really aggravating.

  2. Caryn Boschert Says:

    I just got a nuvi 200 for Christmas. After it “found” a satellite, I was able to play with it – set my home, search for local points of interest, map a route – looks good! Can’t wait for my 1st destination trip.

  3. Dan Says:

    Looks like a cool product, but not available for my 750.
    Anyone have a recommendation for a case or protection for a nuvi 750?

  4. Alex Says:

    I first used 1 of these GPS in Ohio and found it to be very useful, I told my wife about these Garmim’s in San Diego over the phone the next day. Guess what I got for X-MAS , a 200 nuvi which I will be taken with me to our Monthly desert Motorcycle trips. Now I can make my own trails and not worry where our camp is anymore. THANX

  5. Nick Says:

    I just received the nuvi 250W for Christmas…I wasn’t able to get a sat signal until I drove around for a bit. But once it was set everything seems to be working great. Can’t wait to use it on a destination further then 10 feet from my house. Maybe boxing day shopping???

  6. dannyka Says:

    Bought a Black Friday Nuvi 200 from Best Buy. Had a lot of fun driving my daughters around to their friends’ houses to drop off Christmas presents using the 200 to guide us in basically a blizzard! Definitely a useful ‘toy’. (Oh, this was one of those situations where TTS did not matter since the street signs were covered with snow!)

  7. Richard Chin Says:

    I received a nuvi 200 for Xmas and was up and running in no time using it for a trip to my brother’s house which gave me alternate routes. Intentionally took turns other than what was displayed to checkout re-calculating feature.

  8. Roman D Says:

    As a long time TomTom user, I had to go through a “learning curve” with my Nuvi. Now, I am happy to report that it’s a much easier, more logical GPS and probably the best for the US.

  9. Clyde Says:

    I love the slim Nuvi. Much better than other thick GPS available. With the ToughSkin case on the unit will there be any trouble getting the GPS onto mounts?

  10. Lori Prater Says:

    So far I love my Nuvi 200. Have only used it once but it did great. Very easy to use for someone computer illiterate.

  11. Timothy Selig Says:

    very easy to use

  12. Nikki Says:

    This little thing sure beats the crap out of Mapquest… the 260 has performed great so far. Announces street names and everything. Can’t ask for more (well, I could actually, how about a wide screen version that announces the streets and costs the same).

  13. Walt K Says:

    The 200 started up just fine and has been a jewel ever since. I am very pleased with it to date.

  14. Jean Claude Brooks Says:

    Hi! I just received my Garmin Nuvi 250w for Christmas planning some trips in the next months can’t wait to use it to its full capacity. Looking for some maps to exotic locations Africa and Asia. JC

  15. Jerry Says:

    I have a 260 and love it. That black case would be nice because my dear wife, is a klutz. She has managed to send the unit flying across the car interior a couple of times because she loses her grasp when removing it from its mount.It’s all good.

  16. Natesh Says:

    i own a Garmin Nuvi 260 and i would very much want to get a case for it so it can stay protected, i hope i win.

  17. Betty~Simply Southern Says:

    Don’t enter me ,i wasn’t lucky enough to get one..just passing through and wanted to say happy new year…i did add your contest to my blog…hope you don’t mind…

  18. jennifer Says:

    I love my Nuvi 260 Christmas gift. It’s easy to use and I love that it tells me which street is coming up for my left or right turn. Since I get lost going around the block, it is perfect for me,and I really need a case for it :)

  19. Mike Says:

    Just got myself a “christmas gift” on the 26th. Have been wanting one for a while to use for work. No more printing out pages of directions from google maps. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…Happy New Year!

  20. Mickster Says:

    I got the Garmin nuvi 200 as a present – It rocks. Nice display, easy to scroll through the functions, and I can update it every day for Points of Interest by the free software down loadable from the Garmin site.

    My son got one also- and now we are planning some Geo Caching adventures in the near future!

  21. Mark C Says:

    Purchased a NUVI 200 for the wife and needless to say she loves it. What a great addition to anyones car. Easy to use, easy to navigate and very user friendly. Wish I would have had one of these when I was in sales years ago as it would have made my life much, much easier. 8-)

  22. Paul Says:

    I got a Garmin Nuvi 260 for Christmas. What a great piece of gear. I really llike the idea that nor only can I use it my truck but it is portable so I can also take it with me when I’m in a large city.

  23. Stephen Rosenberg Says:

    Only used it once so far, but it looks a lot easier to use than my Streetpilot i2 that it replaces.

  24. Timothy Selig Says:

    I’m very pleased ith mine

  25. Jennifer Hnatko Says:

    I ordered the Garmin 360 right after Christmas, and I can’t wait to receive it. I am extremely challenged when it comes to directions and navigation (it seems that I can never get anywhere!) So, I’m expecting that this little device will enable me to travel without getting lost and frustrated.

    As far as Speck: my Macbook rests securely in a Speck case, and with every bump and knock, I find myself grateful for such a good product! I’m glad that Speck also provides products to protect my new piece of gadgetry.

  26. Rick C Says:

    Been using my 250W for a few weeks- early Christmas present to myself- kids pick on me for using it to get places I already know (like HOME!), but I like seeing the ETA as I go along.
    Lots of fun too when they have friends in car and I switch languages, interesting looks when directions spew out in Cantonese or Arabic or British English…

  27. Bill Guidarelli Says:

    After hearing how wonderful and easy to use the Garmin GPS, I received one from Santa Claus. It worked like a charm right our of the box. I received a signal in a short time without having to go outside. Easy to program as well. It’s a great gift to have.

  28. Bonnie Says:

    I gave my hubby a Nuvi 260 for Christmas and we love it! I will no longer have to *try* to read a map! Thanks for the contest :))

  29. Suzanne Says:

    Just got the Garmin 260 & we love it. Since my last child is leaving for college soon this will be my new navigation tool:-)

  30. Derek Parker Says:

    I got a Nuvi 200 for Christmas, and used it “for real” first time today. Absolutely great, simple to use, and saved me fuel driving to Bluewater shopping centre by a route I wouldn’t have chosen myself. Now I just need a case to keep it in when I take it out of the car

  31. Anita Says:

    Got mine for Christmas. Was able to get a signal from my front yard. This was so easy to set up and use. We used one over the summer to travel all through Maine and it was great – I has to have one. Love it, but now I need to protect it, so maybe I’ll win a case.

  32. Administrator Says:

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