MainNav is getting ready to introduce the new MG-950D at CES 2008. MG-950D is a bluetooth GPS data logger that has a lot functions that make it useful for hiking, biking, driving, and maybe even running.

It is similar to Garmin Edge 305 in terms of form factor but MG-950D also acts as a bluetooth GPS receiver, meaning you can share the GPS data with other devices. It uses a SiRF Star III GPS receiver and can store up to 120,000 waypoints. It can calculate speed and altitude while you workout and store that info so later on you can transfer it to your PC via the USB interface and view on Google Earth.

We have no information on pricing or where/when it will be available but we’ll investigate at CES 2008 for you.

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  12. Eglantine Says:

    Yeah, this blog was from a while ago, so I just want to add that Semsons & Co. Inc. is selling this item. They are offering free shipping and an additional 10% off (coupon code “MG950D”). It’s a limited time promotion (at least that’s what Semsons’ blog said). I got mine already and it’s pretty cool! I’ll probably get one for my brother as well since he’s such an athletic nut.

  13. Mike Says:

    I’ve got one from Semsons too but the unit was having some issues. It would freeze or stop responding to buttons. I could not even turn the unit off or touch the >| button on the middle of the unit to proceed to next page.

    I found out from the manufacturer that there is a newer firmware, version 1.16.

    Eglantine, are you having the same issue with yours?

  14. Cecily Says:

    Hello Mike :

    this is Cecily from Mainnav. This problem is because battery . You could take out battery and try it again. If still can’t work , you may feel free to contact me, I will try my best to solve your problem.


  15. Cecily Says:

    By the way, MG-950d now has new software .For update , please check mainnav website — check out “support”

  16. BobH Says:

    I thought the MG-950d was a GPS but reading the manual it appears it is just a data logger – the manual states the 950d can be connected to a GPS in order to log NEMA data. Strange – it evidently has GPS capabilities to perform its advertised functions.

    The initial CES screen shots had lat/long displayed and I was hoping to use the device in the field to capture and occasional point via the screen. The manual screen shots no longer show lat/long. I guess the MG-950d won’t work for me.

  17. Cecily Says:

    Hello Bob:

    MG-950d is GPS cycle computer plus data logger. The design is especially for biking( of course driving ). Now the monitor does not have Lat/Log is because for most biker and driver , they do not need these.

    This is MG-950d testing feedback , you may check.

    Bellowing is detail spec

    LCD screen display
    GPS chip SiRF III
    Mini USB connector
    Bluetooh 2.0 enable
    Store up to 130,000 waypoints
    Weather Proof IPX6
    General function
    Record track-logs of vehicle, hiking and biking movement
    Showing tracks on Google Earth
    Bluetooth — pairing your device for navigation
    Battery and memory indicate
    LCD backlight
    Lightweight and compact —is suitable for biking, hiking and traveling.
    Auto scan to next function
    Come with Software—photo mapping function
    Bike function
    Current Speed
    Maximum speed
    Average Speed
    Moved distance
    Trip time
    Total mileage
    Bike mounting

  18. Biker Says:

    The GPS Data on my 950d is sometimes a bid of the way and becomes very random when standing still for a while. Is this normal?

    Also noticed Problems withe the battery but could fix it after putting a little piece of paper under it. Otherwise the device will turn after riding bike some meters.

  19. Cecily Says:

    Dear Biker :

    It’s normal for bid away while you stand for a while , no worries.

    For battery , we notice this problem.Could you let me know your shipping address, I will send you sticker for back cover .


  20. Tony Says:

    Just got mine today…took it for a ride. I bought it for it’s bike computer capabilities not for logging.

    Love it. Better than dealing with those spoke magnets.

    How can you tell what firmware you have?

  21. Cecily Says:

    Dear Tony :

    New firmware is only for data logger part, if you only use on biker computer capabilities , you don’t have to update it. If you need update new firmware, you could send back to us (only unit ). We could do this service for you.

    If possible, let us know your comment and testing feedback. We are glad to hear it.

    Mainnav International Corp.
    Cecily Huang
    11F,293-1,Sec.1,Zhongshan Rd
    Banqiao City, Taipei 220, Taiwan, R.O.C
    Tel: 886 2 8953-6616#11
    Fax: 886 2 8951-8531

  22. chipiss Says:

    y buy a mg-950d, i charged it 14 hours, and it dont power on. wich usb and power on, it show all screen wich 888888888.

  23. chipiss Says:

    help me, please

  24. Cecily Says:

    Dear Chipiss:

    For this problem , could you take out battery and put it on again ? Try this way, if still can’t work , please let us know.

    Also, this might be battery connection is not tight, may i know where did you buy this unit ? you could also contact them for sticker


  25. chipiss Says:

    thanks Cecily, this solved the prolem, the battery dont connect correct. now the GPS power on OK

  26. Cecily Says:

    Dear Chipiss :

    Great to hear this news. Any further question, feel fee to let me know.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best regards


  27. Bernd Leutenecker Says:


    It seems that the picture of the display above is not the
    same as the real display. I wanted to use the mg-950d
    while flying with my paraglider (logging the flight-details)
    AND to know my exact position after I have landed.

    Is it still possible to see latitude and longitude on the
    display? The manual does only show pictures with two
    main rows on the display (speed/elevation, speed/time,
    speed/total mileage, speed/trip time, speed/moved
    distance, speed/average speed, speed/maximum speed
    and ‘clear the data’)!?

    Thank you!

    Bernd Leutenecker

  28. Cecily Says:

    Dear Bernd :

    For MG-950d, it’s differnt display like above. The monitor did not show Latitude and logitude . It features with cycle computer for biking.

    MG-950d feature with Touch pad , it could easy to scan next page by touching .

    For Mainnav Spot GPS watch MW-705D , it could records your POI and show the Latitude and Logitude. For sport watch , it’s more functionality .


  29. Cynthia Says:

    I using MG-950d GPS cycle computer for my biking. Pretty well !! The screen is big enough to check out all figures . It

    Data logger is new for biker , records all your tracks while you biking for new place . But it did not have POI function. Sometimes I would like to record my favorite spot /position on my bike trip .

    Brief , I like it , not bad.

  30. Arpeco Says:

    Nice BT gps/datalogger. I get it 4 days ago and I’m very happy with it.
    Agree with Cynthia, a poi fuction would be great. And also any soft for dowloading the track to a WM PPC or symbian smartphone (the symbian is the one I would prefer)

  31. Ming Says:

    I have one too, the photo mapping and data logger are really interested me since I used to be use cycle computer for my biking. MG-950d feature with GPS, so I bought one to try. So far so good.

    What’s “POI” mean ?

  32. Arpeco Says:

    “POI” = Point Of Interest. That means, you could record a specific point (like a manantial, a police radar or what ever you want …) It’s usefull to do that just pushing a button, not having to record it in you smart phone or PPC.

  33. Ming Says:

    Oh , I see . Thank you very much for your answering , not bad function !!

  34. Ming Says:

    I got it. Thank you very much for your answering , not bad function !!

  35. unkonw Says:

    Mainnav new software is update on website. The new software show more detail figures of biking data.

  36. deluge Says:

    Hello I recently bought it and have a problem – when connect to power supply or usb (to computer) gps is frezzing and not sending any data via usb or bluetooth. biker functions work I can change via>>| clock is workign, but gps freeze no km/h it stuck in the moment when connecting. I’m not able to use with trekbuudy on my mobile when connected to power supply. Do you have similar problems? Any idees?

  37. Cecily Says:

    Dear Deluge :

    May I know where did you buy the unit ? Thanks

  38. Cecily Says:

    May I know did you use Mainnav car charger or yours ? When charging , GPS frezzing is normal , this is original design . For car , if you use Mainnav car charger , it would be ok for sending data.

    if possible , you could send your car charger to check it.

  39. deluge Says:

    when GPS is charging from car charger it is not freezing and working ok. So it is normal, thats I wanted to know. But it’s a shame that Im not able to use USB when playing with GPS. ;).

  40. C Says:

    When using USB charging , the GPS is freezing , this is normal — Mainnav original design , it’s not bug.

  41. Mark Says:

    Hi all
    i got my MG 950d today, yeah, but it freezed on the first bike tour. :[
    Some posts above Cecily said, try to open it and take out battery.
    That worked but I hope that doesn’t happen again.
    Is there a possibility to update the 950d firmware?
    I will post in a week or so again.

    No Problems at charging from power supply or USB. By Car charger not testet.

  42. Cecily Says:

    Dear Mark :

    Could you check your inside battery cover has sticker on it or not ? this is probable battery connect not so tight, Mainnav has improve this situation . For Firmware update, it needs send back to Mainnav for upgrade.


  43. Mark Says:

    No sticker on the battery cover. Just behind the battery a serial number. Last biketour the logger wasn’t charged, so no second test report :(

    Btw.: I have the new MG-950D, should I post there? ( )

  44. Cecily Says:

    Dear Mark :

    If you need the sticker, please offer me your shipping address, I could send you soon. You may pose it , no problem at all. Thanks.

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  46. KZ Says:

    I bought last version of mg950d an have some problems with bt communication. With SE P1i datalogger periodically switch off bt and after ~1min resume communication with phone. I’ve also got old nemerix based gps receiver that working perfectly with p1i.

  47. glenn Says:

    Note: my MG950d i bought from Ebay, would not power up, it has a foam pad holding down the battery, and it was on charge for the full time.

    I bought a new battery [nokia BL-5c] from ebay and now the MG950d works with no problems. it would seem the standard battery is a problem.

  48. margo Says:

    I get my MG950D last week. I have try to connect it via BT with my MDA COMPACT 1. It will be found by the Navi Software and 2 sec. later the MG950D is freezed. No funktion left. I have to remove the battery to shut down.
    I tryed it with 2 other HTC-Phones – the same behavior.
    What shell we do ?

  49. Cecily Says:

    HI Glenn:

    For battery , Mainnav is sorry about this issue. If you would like to have another one battery , we could send you free one. Just feel free to let us know your demand.

    Best regards


  50. Cecily Says:

    Hi Margo :

    Make sure you find the right Com port , Mainnav BT version is 2.0

    Any further question , you may feel free contact Mainnav sales .

  51. Pman Says:

    I have the GPS above and it is brand new but does not show any bars by satelight icon, the device does not find a satelight no matter how long I leave it on. What should I do?

  52. Patricio Says:

    On November 15, 2008 I bought a new MG-950d GPS LOGGER BLUETOOTH USB RECEIVER TACHOMETER from, (EBAY seller). It worked normally
    until yesterday. The problem is that the unit cannot be turned on, even with the full battery.

    The unit first froze and stopped responding to buttons. I could not even turn the unit off or touch the >| button on the middle of the unit to proceed to next page. I took out the battery and tried it again, but still could not turn the unit on.

    Di I need a new battery or do I have to upgrade the firmware?

    The serial number of the unit is 950d-02643.

  53. Cecily Says:

    Hi Patricio :

    would you like to take out the battery and try it again. If still cant’ work , let mainnav know, Mainnav will change the new one for you.

  54. Cecily Says:

    Dear Pman :

    Could you contact Mainnav sales for replace it. Thanks a lot

  55. Cynthia Says:

    Mainnav has released the new version Call MG-950dm which is using Mstar chip set and without Bluetooth.

    The cost is friendly and easy to operate. It’s really suitable for biking.

  56. Pawelsky Says:

    Hi, I have strange problem with my MG-950d I’ve bought 3 weeks ago. When I try to download the recorded track (via BT) using the Mainnav software it displays the download window with two progress bars. The one at the top (with an arrow icon on the left) goes from 0% to 100%, but then it freezes – the progress bar at the bottom (the one with floppy disk icon) stays on 0% forever. I’ve tried it many times – same result.

    MG-950d communicates with other devices (mobile, PC) without problems – it sends the NMEA data. Just the datlogger part doesn’t allow to download the recorded data.

    Do you have any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix that? The serial # of the unit is 950d03872.

  57. Pawelsky Says:

    New version of the Mainnav software ( fixed the problem.

  58. Domingo Hamilton Says:

    good luck

  59. Carmine Says:

    Hello, why not put a firmware update for mg-950d? It would be very useful for the owners and less shipping costs for all.
    Thank you

  60. Peter Says:

    I just recently bought the Mainnav MG-950dm.
    Today after switching it on I noticed after a while that the tracker didn’t display speed, time etc. The battery was fully charged. I later realized that the tracker freezes ones it picks up a GPS signal which causes that e.g. the control button doesn’t react or that it is no longer possible to turn the tracker off. The only way to switch it off was by removing the battery.

    After reseting the tracker I was able to connect the device and delete all the tracks using the Mainnav GPS Appplication. However this does not change the situation. Once you take it outside it will freeze after around 30 sec.
    I searched if there is a firmware update available before I RMA the device but I’ve found nothing. Can someone help me with this problem or do I need to RMA the Tracker ? Is there a place where I could possibly download a new firmware ? Have you heard of this problem before ?

  61. Peter Says:

    I just talked with Mainnav in Taipei. From what I understand there was a change in the US GPS satellite communication that causes this freeze.

    A collegue of mine noticed the same problem.
    So this may affect all MG-950dm.
    They told me that they will release new firmware next week.
    Let’s see ! I’ll add another post as soon that I know more.

  62. Peter Says:

    Here’s what I received from Cecily at Mainnav (Thanks !!!!)

    The MG-950dm isn’t working at the moment because the USA is maintaining satellite, they update new Almanac Data. The chipset supplier has changed the Firmware for client update. The new firmware will be available next week. Once it available, I will send you for update, please no worries.
    It’s nothing about the device .

    Temporarily, For MTK and Mstar chip set, they all have these problem. Only
    SiRF and U-blox are working.

  63. LanDo Says:

    I’ve got my new MG-950dm, it cannot connect to GPS satellites indoor, the GPS signal just disappears. Is there any work-around?
    Peter, how about the new firmware?

  64. Peter Says:

    Hi LanDo
    I have not heard back from Mainnav regarding the new firmware.
    Mine is able to pick up the signal again (after about 1-2 weeks not working).
    No idea why.
    But this does not seem to be your problem. You say that yours is not able
    to pick up the signal indoor. This is quite normal!! It all depends how the
    house is built. If yours works outside then everything is ok.
    Changing the firmware won’t make a difference.

  65. Peter Says:

    New firmware for MG-950dm is now available at

  66. Helmut Says:

    I bougth a MG-950dm just a week ago. I installed the software from the CD. But I cannot tranfer data to Laptop with USB interface. There is no respond, upload dosnot start. What is wrong?
    With regards

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